What have I been up to ???

July 22, 2012
Update: It's been a crazy 3 years.  Haven't had time to look after my blog at all.   I will though be back, I promise.   

Thanks again.  (Nov, 26, 2015)

I know I've been neglecting my site.  I have though been doing a lot of posting on Facebook, Huff Post, national Post etc...concentrating on the political dictatorial lunacy  we've all been forced to endure for much, much too long.    I will be posting my  facebook comments on my site (am getting some help from a friend, there's just too much stuff to coordinate alone, in a timely manner). 

Also, please know - if you'd like to 'friend me'  on Facebook,  that'd be great :):).

Didi Miesen (facebook name  

New posts coming soon. In the meantime....

May 17, 2012
Check out my good stuff to buy page.  I only offer a few links - because I use them myself.   I will be adding one new one that may surprise you :)   Look up  Peter Flanagan  (scientist extraordinaire..)  for a hint.

I will be getting back to full time posting as soon as possible.  It's been a crazy year :):)    Will be sharing  some of it as soon as I can get some technical stuff added to this  site.  Please stay tuned and a million thanks for your patience :):)
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CRTC and CBC's President Continue to Violate and Abuse Mandate??

April 12, 2012
I wrote this in 2010 on my www.bullbullet.com site hoping  the CRTC Board and CBC President would come to their senses and do what their Mandate says they MUST do!    But nooooo   -  it's obvious these 'in my opinion'  MINORITY ABUSERS and Anti English outright discriminators - continue to refer to Montreal as a "Metropolis"  and therefore for some CRAZY Reason  -  is ineligible for English Programming Funding!!                                                             

CBC Dying while its S...

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