This is going to be a series of examples of just 'some' of the experiences and results of Quebeck's continued 'Purge of the English culture - out of Quebeck'.   The text below is in response to a reply to one of my posts and may help you understand why I haven't blogged in quite some time.  The 'hospital experience' briefly described below, literally knocked me to my knees - these past six months. I am though - finally able to write about it - or at least to introduce this living nightmare - that many others have been forced to endure in todays Quebec.  Please know - I have recorded the events - and subsequent follow ups - with Quebeck's Human Rights Department, The hospital Ombudsman's Office, and conversations with the Office de La Langues Francais,  that will be transcribed into text as soon as I can.  It's an extremely time consuming, frustrating and painful experience in itself;  trying to overcome the multitudes of 'roadblocks set up by our Provincial & Federal 'authorities'  - that result in most complainants just giving up - out of sheer exhaustion!  Oh - I also found out that ANY AND ALL complaints about, 'acts of discrimination - abuse etc.. foisted upon an English speaking Quebecker - because they are English'  are NOT ALLOWED in Quebec?  Imagine that!! 

Anyway, for today here's the first of the series, that I pray will give the reader an insight of the very real daily pain so many of us have had forced upon us against our will. 
Letter sent to DidiM  by:   Shakela Arjoon  19 hours ago (in response to End Illegal Ethnic Cleansing...)

"The official language act gives both the French speaking Quebecois and English speaking Canadians their rightful place in society. Yes! we all know that French is the official language in Quebec but quebec remains a part of Canada therefore English and French language must be given  equal status. Minority language rights must be respected.

English speaking people have a worked hard to build up this Country. Their rights must never be undermined."

My Reply sent today:

Hi Shakela,

Did you know that Quebeck (spelled with a "k" in English) was the Only Officially bilingual Province in the country - until - this language law lunacy was illegally enacted?   The ILLEGAL 'removal'  of our country's  official language in the Province of Quebeck - and the ILLEGAL removal of equal rights and equal status - is a gross obscenity  deliberately created to 'ethnically cleanse' the non French and in particular - the English language and its culture (2.5 MILLION English speaking Quebeckers)--  out of the Province!   Declaring Quebeck an officially French only Province - is/was - a criminal act - according to our Constitution and violated All the Statutes Of Law Making Regulations - that every Premier of Every Province  must adhere to - by LAW!!  It is not only a grotesque internationally condemned law - it is a "Public Law"  that  erases  the populations ability to live and work and flourish in their own Province - in Canada!!  No Premier or Politician or
Political Party is allowed to - introduce, or enact 'any Public Law - without the 'direct full knowledge and - full consent by a significant majority of the - People Of Canada - and for sure the People Of Quebeck, period.

Our Statutes  very clearly state - that "Any law that diminishes the rights and freedoms of the population or segment of the population, is illegal",  and shall be deemed null & void".

Our rights have not only been undermined - they have been ERASED.  And the way the politicians went about it - was through -(FLQ) terror - abuse, killings - kidnappings and never ending fear instilled into the English speaking population!   And very much against the will of the people.  It  is an illegal  law  that was sprung on us by surprise (another illegality - because NO laws may be passed without the full knowledge and consent of the people - not their politicians - I repeat the people).

Given that, ALL our political representatives and Party's  have not only remained 'silent'  about these 'criminal activities and violent abuses of power -  both the Federal Liberals and today, Jack Layton's NDP  have the  NERVE to endorse and promote these Ethnic Cleansing  insane laws - on behalf of the  treasonous  PQ - and rights and freedom violating Provincial Liberals!   They tout  they are, "Protecting the French language - from assimilation - sea of English" -  when in FACT the French language has NEVER, EVER - needed protection of any kind - and has done nothing but grow and flourish at an incredible  rate  in Quebeck and of course across the country!!! 

Did you know that just about ALL OUR ENGLISH MEDIA - has been ERASED?  And  the one English language Daily left - the Montreal Gazette -  is totally managed  and controlled - by  French language law disciples?   Just about ALL the English reporters have been fired - people like Bill Johnson etc...  you know the greats... and replaced by  collaborating -
ass kissers  like James Mennie - who have become freaking famous for skewing and denying the truth - beyond belief.

Did you know that Senator Joan Fraser (sp)  the  'ex Editor of the Gazette - another language law spewer'  was 'rewarded with a seat on the Senate, by Chretien  - for going along with this filth?   Did you know that we have ONE Talk Show station CJAD left - that totally controls (as does the rest of the Quebeck media)  the subject matter  and DOES NOT
ALLOW - the  true voice of  the English speaking population - to express its  fear and utter DISMAY over this ongoing  ethnic cleansing - PURGE?  Did you know that  our little children are and have been subjected to incredible cruelties by being FORCED into French schools and FORCED to remain there - even though they are being hurt and damaged  for the rest of their lives - because they either cannot adapt to this often, Anglo hating environment? 

Did you know that French hospitals  like Charles LeMoyne Hospital in get this:  Officially Bilingual Greenfield Park - where the English population is the MAJORITY -  orders its English doctors to speak French ONLY to  English patients? 

Did you know that this same hospital - has a Mengele type, license to KILL patients in particular  elderly ones who don't understand French?  Did you know that pretty much the entire Emergency floor nursing staff - have been spouting L'Office de la Langues Francais - illegal laws to English patients and their families - and that many  REFUSE to diagnose English patients in English?   Did you know that  this supposed teaching hospital  - allows their interns - to illegally change
medications - again without the required  medical diagnosis - without consulting with families - and in many cases (AS WITH MY MOTHER - a 14 day gulag experience of  horror - mind numbing terror and trauma that still leaves me breathless and quivering to this day) doing their seeming best to HARM and hurt  the patient?

Does this sound like an exaggeration?  It must...  but believe me - this has been going on for the last 3 DECADES  and the event I speak of happened THIS YEAR - and what I witnessed  during those 14 days - the pain, the cruelty - the deliberate neglect - the outright  HATRED the nurses and  'doctors'  (there are exceptions - but NOT on the Emergency Floor)  heaped upon helpless patients - and the subsequent agony they are forced to endure -   is more than enough to
knock one to ones knees  for the rest of their lives!

Now that's just a SAMPLE of what is REALLY going on here in La Belle Province (sic)!!    I haven't even begun to mention  the TOTAL DENIAL of the Right to work - and the TOTAL DENIAL of our entry into ANY Provincial or Federal Workplace - let alone Corporate - no MATTER HOW FLUENT  we are in French!!    That alone will take a book  if not volumes!  

As for "our taking part in the political process'  another  REQUIRED LAW -  well  that JUST DOES NOT EXIST in Quebeck!  OUR VOICES are and have been MUZZLED - period.   And the PURGE continues - as fast as possible of course - because these GOONS are hoping - by the time the rest of the country finds out what has really been going on  -  most of us will  be gone!  

Enough for today - and forgive any typos etc..

**Please note** All my writings are my opinion - and also please know that I can and WILL back up everything I write with irrefutable proof - as always**