It may interest you to learn what an American pays for drugs - vs - a Canadian:

Two years ago, My Canadian rheumatologist (sp) prescribed Enbril, an American manufactured drug - for my arthritis. I'll refrain from singing his praises... suffice to know.. he's the best in the country.. that I chose!!

The Cdn. UHC cost for 8 vials a month. = $ 1,600.00 (Cdn)
My cost: = $ 76.00 . (Cdn)

(note if one is poor & or unemployed.. there is NO cost!!)

Now here's the KICKER! What you have to pay in the US!!

US Enbril cost per Vial: $1,500.00 (US)

US Enbril cost for 8 vials (I take) $12,000.00 (US) a month!!!!!!

And you don't think you're getting scammed????