Did you know that Canada has its own "Dirty Little Ethnic Cleansing Secret"   that's been kept out of mainstream media for well over 30 years?  In a nutshell, the Province of Quebec removed English as an official language - with Canada's blessing - and thereby allowed the Province to begin their version of ethnic cleansing, most often referred to as "soft ethnic cleansing";  meaning they haven't sent any English Quebeckers off to concentration camps like Hitler did. They just make their lives so miserable.. that people have no choice to leave, if they can.

Over 600,000 English Canadians have  fled the province, mostly because they were forced out of their jobs and/or were sickened over what has happpened to their beloved home Province.  With the stroke of a pen, the official language was changed to French, and English is something to be reviled as a dirty and unaccetable in Quebec, (La Belle Province - The Nice Province - oxymoron or what) -  Being English became a dirty thing.  The English were labeled "Les Autres", (the others).  

Did you know, it's  illegal to post signs in English; and if someone dares put up a sign that includes  "another language"  it must be 1/3 the size of French?  Quebec - a Province in CANADA  has "Language Police"  (Language Gestapo) whose only job is to go out and fine business owners who dare thwart their French ONLY  "Language Law".  Even though the English community has just as long and just as much history in La Belle Province,  its culture is being erased as thoroughly as a plague!

It's a long story that I'll address another time, but I needed to set the foundation for Canada's Supreme Court Decision today - that was wonky enough to make ones head spin...  A Supreme Court  Judge today --- opened the door to even more discrimination - being made legal!!  But he advised the Quebec government to work to make it sound nicer!

It's taken seven years for the Supreme Court to get off its ass and hear the case; A case that will allow parents to send their children to the school of their choice;  (meaning English or French school).  That's another long story.. suffice to say - addressing the blatant discrimination and a total denial of the Charter of Rights  in Quebec! Imagine - a parent cannot send their child to an English school in Quebec!  

Quebec enacted a  bill 104 - that did NOT allow immigrants - or any child into the English school system;  unless one of their parents had had an English education in Canada!   This of course resulted in over 90% of English schools closing helping to achieve the erasure of the English culture out of the Province.  I have to note here that this is happening in the greater Montreal area, where the MAJORITY of the population is, first or second language English speaking.  We're talking about 2,000,000  people that the Federal and Provincial governments pretend don't exist!!

Today,  Canada's SUPREME COURT decided that Bill 104 is unconstitutional...  BUT ...  here comes the wonky part;  the Judge told Quebec, I'll give you a year, to come up with a NICER way  TO DO IT!!   Can you believe that?  A Supreme Court Judge...  saying,  come up with a NICER way to DISCRIMINATE... AND a NICER way to CLEANSE, ERASE  the English population out of Quebec?   How sick is that?

Enough for today.

I know I haven't blogged in a couple of months...  (personal stuff going on..)..  and I will follow up on this next week and also get back to the US  Health Care idiocy as well.  Have lots to write about...  but at the moment need two of me..:)..

Till next time, have a good one.