I never thought I'd say or write this.   I am going to vote Conservative in the upcoming Federal Election.  On condition of course that Mr. Bernier's  denouncement of Quebeck's  horrific language laws  continues and I'm going to join the Conservatives for sure if they make this a part of their platform:  I'll even  nominate Bernier for every freaking AWARD this country has: for being the First and ONLY Politician to demonstrate the LEADERSHIP this country has been so very hungry for!   And note: Having always voted Liberal - this is a huge deal for me!

I also know that pretty much all the life long liberals in Quebeck - the 2.5 million English speaking ones - that have been totally Shut Out of the now French only Quebec arm of the Federal Liberal Party - the ones who've been staying home on election day - will at least think about be doing the same.

After suffering decades of lies and betrayal - the Liberals promised us for decades - if we were patient - they would abolish the language laws... and instead, they rewarded our loyalty and patience - with shitting on us big time - over and over and over again!  What they did to us instead, was endorse and promote the illegal ethnic cleansing language laws; 
kiss the asses and recruit every separatist they could find (that went on to pretend to have been miraculously reborn into a federalist) and spread the lying filthy MYTHS about the English Devils;  that the Separatists owned Quebec - when of course - in FACT it belongs to ALL Canadians!

The next week or so should show if Bernier means it - but so far he is standing up to the foaming at the mouth screeches of protest from the seps and of course the provincial liberals - who also shat on us and betrayed our community, with ever increasing draconian language laws, and have proven to be even more rabid about Erasing our English language and
culture - than the seps even dreamed of!  They totally erased English as an official language and pretty much ALL the government services - we still pay hefty taxes for - but no longer have access to.  Will get into that can of horrific worms in an upcoming article - that will make your heads turn with shock and disbelief.

I think the rest of the country, finally finding out what has REALLY been going on here in gestapo ethnic cleansing Quebec - may have had something to do with it as well; (thanks to the magic of the internet)

No government reps and no provincial reps have the power or right to freaking erase English or the right to live and work in it - according to OUR Statute Of Law Making Regulations!

Quebeck BELONGS TO ALL CANADIANS - it does NOT belong to that cult of anti English GOONS - we have allowed to destroy our province and country!

Quebec BEFORE the language laws - was the ONLY Officially Bilingual province in the country. And these GOONS illegally ERASED the  brilliant and enriching standing that had made Quebec/k  the Richest and most popular Province in Canada.  They destroyed all that was good and right and any sense of democracy we believed protected us and  foisted the  boot stomping Office de la langue francais -  The language Police - and their disgusting - shameful ethnic cleansing loi's...(loi = law in french) all over the greater Montreal area, while instilling fear and terror into the hearts of the English speaking population that would have made Hitler proud.

Here's too Maxime Bernier for having the balls... to stand up and denounce what will go down in history - as Canada's black era of evil and shame.  And here's  to hoping that Canada will once more have a Leader we can believe in and be proud of.   It has been much too long and much too destructive and  painful without one.