Following the Nancy Wood CBC story - has become a full time job these past few weeks.   I'm uncovering  some very creepy and very alarming, and very discriminatory, decisions being made  by CBC against the English population of Montreal and Quebec.   Yes - I wrote,  against! 

First please read this: In CBC President - Hubert Lacroix's own words.  Taken from Mr. Lacroix's presentation of CBC's 5 year Corporate Plan: 2008 - 2014:

1. What impact does the loss of local broadcasting have on the diversity of voices?
Local broadcasting – on television and radio – remains an important way of ensuring that the issues and perspectives of local communities have an outlet for expression – both locally and on a national level. That identification with the lives of people in other communities is the very essence of a national identity. While other platforms, particularly new media, are emerging to address the needs of local communities, to the degree that local television broadcasting is lost, an important safeguard of diversity is lost with it.

That is why CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to remaining deeply rooted in Canada’s regions. We believe that it is part of our mandate, as the public broadcaster, to ensure that that service remains part of the Canadian broadcasting system."

Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit, actions from CBC?

Crucial questions:  CBC's President, Hubert Lacroix, Our Minister of Heritage & Culture, James Moore and our CRTC  (names to follow) - have to answer and explain to Canadians.

Why, has the CBC steadily erased just about all - CBC English local programming in Montreal and Quebec: when in
fact its,  'supposed mandate', is to grow English  programming in Quebeck.. because, we are the OFFICIAL Minority population in Quebec, and recognized as such by Canada:

And - given, CBC's responsibility is: to concentrate on growing - French local programming -OUTSIDE- Quebec, NOT
Quebec, because Francophones are Officially a Minority group, as we all know - in the rest of Canada, and the MAJORITY in Quebec; why has CBC spent so much of its budget, over the past few decades, only on French programming IN Quebec - and  NOTHING on English programming IN Quebec?

Why has CBC instead ... built 10 French stations IN Quebec, plans on building another 4-5 more IN Quebec, bringing the the total to, around 15 French CBC locations - where the French population IS the Majority!   Not to mention, Quebec had, and has, an 'overabundance' of, privately owned Francophone and French CBC media locations and outlets!

As for Canada's other minority group, Anglo Quebecers, who desperately need local programming from CBC: not only has CBC done NOTHING for them; why has CBC in Quebec, ERASED, just about, ALL Anglo local programming?

Note **CBC Montreal - English Local Programming** is just about non existent**

All other locations are French only & CBC President, Mr. Lacroix, plans on building 4-5 more French only locations in Quebec and more French stations in Western Canada - and again, NOTHING for English Quebeckers - who again - have no local programming to speak of !

Why is that?   And if this doesn't scream of - linguistic bias - I don't know what does.

Why and how,  does the only mention of, (in his 5 year Corporate Plan about CBC's English programming in Quebec) CBC President, Mr. Hubert Lacroix, have the nerve to say - he "Hopes to Maintain what is there".

WTF????   He, HOPES, to maintain NOTHING ??... (note the word, hope!)

And - how can he have the nerve, to glowingly describe, the importance of building even more French locations in

Again, why is he spending CBC's 'limited' budget, to open more, 'absolutely unnecessary' French locations, while
CBC English programming is close to becoming EXTINCT?

(Is this the REAL CBC Plan, for English minority local programming and has this been the REAL Plan all along? It's sure looking like it, no?)

Why has the President of CBC - not concentrated on building the - absolutely necessary, English local
as per its 'mandate' and as per the 'Broadcasting Act'? Remember, we're talking about, 2.5 million
Anglos in the greater Montreal area!

How can CBC violate its own mandate - its responsibility to the Public - and so very, blatantly discriminate, against the English speaking population in Quebeck?

From what I understand, from Mr. Lacroix's own speeches and writings: CBC is ethically and legally bound to
support and promote, Minority population - Local Programming. As a matter of fact, he certainly seems to be saying that, that, is his top priority in his 5 year plan! 

If that's the case - why do his actions scream - the exact opposite?

What he fails to make clear to the public - is the English Minority in Quebec - obviously doesn't count !!

Another very important question is: Who, what, where, when and why - has allowed this 'disgrace' to go forward?

much more to follow......