Updated: March 9, 2010

Following 7 months of posting, many, many, hundreds of 'Good Faith' TRUTH and FACT FILLED posts, to Republicans about: our "treasured' Canadian Health Care System (primarily but not exclusively on FaceBook UHC Poll Pages) to NO Avail:  I feel compelled to offer my own 'Top Ten List'   reluctantly reached, conclusion of:  'Criteria' to be accepted as a member of the Republican Party.

DidiM's Top 10 MUSTS - to obtain membership into Republican Party.

1) Educated – Not Accepted into Party.
2) Spelling Ability – Not Recommended.
3) Write Coherently – Not Accepted into Party.
4) International Knowledge - NOT Allowed.
5) Belong to a Christian Church - that preaches hate and discrimination - STRONGLY ENCOURAGED
6) Reading Comprehension  - NOT ALLOWED.
7) Must attend cut & paste classes - MANDATORY
8) Research of ANY KIND - NOT ALLOWED.
9) Threatening - Insulting -swearing at Democrats - Canadians - anyone who disagrees with Party Line:
10) Thinking and/or Listening skills - ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED.

(more to come after I overcome - state of stunned horror - rendered by Repub posts)