You all know by now - that a great deal of my time is dedicated to the REINSTATEMENT of  "Constitutional Guaranteed Equal Rights & Freedoms'  to  the 2.5 Million English Speaking Quebec- Canadians - that have been forced against their will - to endure living without them!   Although Canada - declares itself -  and sings the praises of  it being "Officially Bilingual"  - "The Worlds  Peacekeepers"  etc...    to our International Community -  the TRUTH  of what has really been going on in our once 'True & Free'  country  - demonstrates a much darker  Reality.   Yes Canada is Officially Bilingual  -  in  NINE of 'OUR' Provinces.  There are of course  10 Provinces & 3 Territories that make up our former Great Country.    The 10th. Province  Quebec,  has over the past 30 years - chipped away at our rights and freedoms - enacting one illegal discriminatory law after the other - that today has gotten to the point of - Ethnic Cleansing being illegally legalized in Quebec!   The ENGLISH LANGUAGE  and most importantly  the right to live and WORK in it -  has been ERASED and REMOVED as an Official Language in Quebec - all achieved with the 'help'  of our Federal Government Representatives;  and all of it done WITHOUT the knowledge or consent (as required by our Constitutional Laws)  of the Canadian People!   These illegal, immoral - discriminatory - ethnic cleansing laws - designed to ERASE  the English speaking population OUT of their Province - their home - their jobs, their 400 year history and its culture -  are in full effect. 
Imagine - Quebec has LANGUAGE POLICE - given full immunity from prosecution of any kind (like the Gestapo had),  bootstomping  all over the Greater Montreal Area (only)  - where the majority of the English Speaking population of Quebeck  happen to live and have lived  - since Canada became a country!
Imagine what would happen to your life - if tomorrow you were told - it is ILLEGAL - to work in English!  Imagine what would happen if lifelong friends, neighbors - dropped you - because you are not French!  Imagine your schools being closed, one by one;  your media erased, your corporations - businesses  taken over - stolen in fact  - and that English people were no longer allowed to work there!   Bilingual, trilinugal, multilingual  - doesn't count in Quebec.  Your name & Heritage MUST be French Canadian.. period.   Imagine  having your children  forced into French schools  and forced to endure..  daily slurs, and torment - because they are English.  Imagine the Media - promoting hatred against  the English - day after day, year after year, month after month...  all endorsed  by government officials!   Imagine what kind of a turn your life would take.

There is much, much more to tell of course.  Suffice to say that is the TRUTH and UGLY Reality we in Quebec have been forced to live with - for over 3 decades.   The situation is today - at the stage of horrific... ex: yesterday a woman asking for a food basket was turned away because she is English!  

Equality belongs to and in ALL 10 Canadian Provinces - not  9  provinces;  with the 10th.  given reign  to legalize discrimination, whilst  promoting hatred against its 2.5 Million English speaking population.   The United Nations was built on a foundation of:  Ethnic Cleansing - 'Never Again'.   Who on earth would have ever imagined that Canada the 'Land Of the Strong And Free'  would not only allow it - it has Endorsed it and is Promoting it!