I'm sick and tired of hearing people wail that there are no honest politicians and then go on a witch hunt - when a politician dares say it as it is.  In this instance that politician happens to be the President of the United States - and I don't get it.  Here's a partial copy of today's ...  outraged protest, blah, blah, blah..  from the Fox News site...

".....Earlier in the day Friday, the Cambridge and area police unions voiced their support for Crowley and called for an apology from Obama for his statement. "His remarks were obviously misdirected but made it worse yet by suggesting somehow this case should remind us of a history of racial abuse by law enforcement," Dennis O'Connor, president of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, said at a news conference.O'Connor also referred to statements made by Governor Deval Patrick -- the state's first black governor -- who called the arrest "every black man's nightmare." 

"Whatever may be the history, we deeply resent the implications and reject any suggestion that in this case or any other case that they've allowed a person's race to direct their activities. However we hope they will reflect upon their past comments and apologize to the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department," O'Connor said."

Well you know what?  I don't give a flying leap how "deeply offended O'Conner and his 'colleagues'  are.  I bet you a bar of gold, that had that Harvard professor been a white man... it'd be a NO news story, because the cop probably would have helped him get in the house, never mind arrest him in his own house!!  

I am a white person...  and I've seen police treat non whites very, very differently,  almost 100% of the time - than they do a white person!  It is what it is...  and unless it's addressed honestly, openly and without mincing words - so as not to ruffle any bully's feathers....  nothing will change.

The truth is the truth is the truth!!!   The President of the United States was voted in to bring about change!  He's refreshingly open and honest  - again, something all the blah, blah, bleaters' claim they wanted.  So it's time they become grown men and women - and take it on the chin for a change!

Geeesh, they're insulted....  well welcome to the club.  Insulting or not...  the President said it as it is!  And we need
more politicians  like that, for a change!!!