Why  are US Senators or Members of Congress, allowed to violate  -their Bible sworn - Oath of Office - by knowingly LYING to the American public?  Isn't that illegal and subject to immediate dismissal?

Why are US Senators or Members of Congress, defending the Killer Insurance & Drugs costs:  when they KNOW  American families are FORCED into bankruptcy  (1 every 30 seconds!)- that oftentimes result in agonizing - needless premature deaths?  Isn't the denial of lifesaving treatment - and promotion thereof, called murder?

Who exactly do they work for?  The Drug & Insurance Czars or the people of the United States of America?

Why are they not UPHOLDING their OATH - to PROTECT the citizens of the United States Of America?

Are they merchants of truth, honor and country?  Or are they, merchants of death?

Ditto for all the 'journalists' and commentators, that validate these lies - via the media.  They too, know very well that their lies - will result in even more - needless suffering, pain & death.  And yet - they continue their false, misleading, slanderous fear mongering, specifically designed to enrage and divide the public.  For what, a bucket of gold? 

Aren't such actions subject to criminal charges?   And if not, why not?  Why would they have immunity the general public doesn't have?

God Help America.