July 22,2012:  I'm reposting the 'Open letter our Senate' - see below) hoping that perhaps this time we get a reply!   

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Dear Senators,

I've been reading portions of your meetings with great interest and extreme concern and will get straight to the point.

When pray tell, are any of you - including the entire Senate - going to address and denounce (as you are bound to by law) - the 40 year long ongoing - devastating abuse of human rights - against the English Speaking Population of  Quebeck?  2.5 MILLION Canadians whose rights - freedoms - ability to earn a living in English -  public services, media, businesses, CULTURE - essence - have been illegally erased/ethnically cleansed .. as I'm sure you are well aware of.    And please - do not offer the typical reply - saying this is a Provincial Issue.  Discrimination and Ethnic Cleansing against any individual  - let alone a substantial segment of the population,  of /in any  Province -  is - as you all know - yet continue to blatantly ignore -  a crime,  period. 

Our Federal Government  is obligated by law  - as are you - to protect all our rights and freedoms:  particularly  if a Provincial government - illegally enacts laws that discriminate  - language included;  in spite of the word 'language'  being illegally removed from OUR Charter - Without Our Knowledge and certainly Without OUR Consent:   a regulation you must obey - as is made very clear in our Statute of Law Making regulations, '.... and any bill, amendment etc...  enacted to deny our rights - or that do NOT adhere to the "Spirit of The Law"  ... ".... shall be deemed Null & Void." 
**Note**   Although this regulation still holds true - because it cannot be removed or amended - access to the text has mysteriously disappeared from our Government website after I sent a copy of the link to our Minster Of Heritage and Culture**

Erasing the English Language  in the Province of Quebec -  is a grotesque and outrageous act of,  "ethnic cleansing"  and you know it!  If you do not know it - you most certainly are unqualified for the position you hold.   Therefore,  no matter how  often the Senate & our elected officials -  prattle,   that  it is up to our 'elected officials  to  create such
laws  - on behalf of the people',  -  or the oft suggested nonsense - '...that if the people disagree - they can make that clear by 'not re-electing the member...etc"  - repeating this mantra,  does not - and will not -  make it  Legal - Ever !  

You,  all of you, have in my opinion and multitudes of like minded citizens are,  grossly  abusing and violating your positions,  and the trust, we the people of Canada have  given you.  Notwithstanding,  the Officially Bilingual amended nonsense -  "..for Federal Institutions  Only  etc... ".  

The Statutes of Our Law Making Regulations you must adhere to, clearly state, ".... that any bills, amendments, law, legislation's - introduced that,   "affect the lives/rights etc... of the population -  or segment thereof,  must  first:  be
presented to the people of Canada - and must have the full consent by  the VOTE  of the People of Canada and/or  segment of the population  that will/may be affected by such laws  ( not by the MP's, MNA's, MLA's etc...voting on their behalf.  This 'Regulation'  was written specifically to protect the people from any form of Dictatorship - rearing its head  in OUR Country) :  and I repeat,  must  have the full consent - by a full majority vote of the people.     The Regulation goes on to say that,  "...any such laws introduced, amended or enacted,  without the full knowledge and consent of the people of Canada -  shall be deemed  Null & Void, and the official(s)/member(s)  shall be subject to immediate dismissal and/or  criminal prosecution."   
**Note**   Same as above - in red.  I've jumped through pretty much every hoop there is to get access to the Statutes Of Regulations I refer to in this letter - to no avail.   All access to them - I repeat have become unavailable - in spite of the fact that  I'd received the link  from  the office of the Canada Gazette.   

The above is the primary Regulatory law - you are obligated to uphold.   It is the: Foundation of the,  Laws - of the people of Canada:  the people you and every elected official and government employee, must not/may not,  under any circumstance violate or abuse. (other than in extreme circumstances - like a war and then it may only be temporarily amended.   For those who are 'unaware of  Law Making Statute -  I strongly suggest - you  become aware of it asap.   After all - according to another  Law of the land - "Ignorance of the Law is may not be used as a defense." . 

Finally:  Senators  job descriptions,  do not, include  the Introduction,  of  ANY - Bills - or pieces of Legislation.   Therefore, for example:   what on earth is going on with Senator Chaptu (sp) and/or others,  introducing an amendment to the Language Act ?   And, what on earth are you doing with Bill C-224  (as much as I agree with it)  discussing tampering with our  Charter Of Rights?   No  government representative(s)  -  I repeat - may  introduce  - let alone amend  any part of our Constitution or Charter, without our full knowledge and full consent.  Please don't reply - we have access to the Canada Gazette   etc...    It by no stretch of the imagination,   gives the people of Canada - the required by law - FULL AND EASY ACCESS. ergo:  more violations of your job description.

I repeat - the role of the Senate  is to ensure  the, Laws of our Country (& Spirit of the law)  -  are upheld-  in our 10 Provinces & 3 Territories,  that  protect all our rights.  They may in, no way be amended to diminish or remove any right or freedom.

It is  high time -  the  illegal disgustingly shameful, 'ethnic cleansing laws'  (go look up the definition of the United Nations  & The International Human Rights Agreement  - signed and violated by Canada and Quebeck )  of Quebec are  not only addressed,  but  also,  your obligation to deem  Null & Void:  and to immediately demand the prosecution of those responsible for illegally allowing the, enactment/endorsement/promotion - of these  horrific acts.

These language laws make a mockery of our much touted democracy, and are designed specifically  - (not as spouted -  to protect the French language) .  they in fact are,  a deliberate and ugly  -  attempt  - to  'justify'  the 'unjustifiable',   the  erasure of  the  entire English Culture-  out of existence - in our Canadian owned Province of Quebeck, period.  I repeat, recognized and condemned,  throughout the Free World  as  'Ethnic Cleansing'. 

The  English population in fact - is the population  that  has been instrumental in growing,  the French language in Quebec and throughout the country!  Had any of you done  your homework - you would know that:  the ONLY documented/historic, longstanding discrimination  that has taken place in Quebeck  - has been against the English - starting with  the French Catholic Church - who ruled  the Province and francophone community, with an Iron hand  for centuries  - whilst  spewing  their  nonstop, "Anglo Devil"  -  hate & lunacy.

It is, I repeat - your responsibility - to protect the rights and freedoms  of  All Canadians - in this case - particularly - the 2.5 Million  English speaking population in Quebec - that you have and continue to  illegally   DENY  their  Human Rights.   I repeat one more time  - Language discrimination  and ethnic cleansing  -  is NOT a 'Provincial Matter',  especially  when the Provincial spokespeople/elected representatives -   are the abusers & violators of  those rights. 

**Note: As you must know by now - the Stats Canada - population reports these past 40 years were deliberately skewed and grossly minimized the true numbers of the English & non francophone population of Quebeck.   To those who are not aware of this - I'll be more than happy to explain and demonstrate how & why this was done.  In the meantime -Rest assured - the 2.5 million English Speaking number is a Fact.  Then again - the size of the population should not matter - should it -  when it concerns Human Rights Abuses taking place in Our "Land Of The Free" ?

I look forward to your reply,