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I am very alarmed at the Quebeck Governments independent decision to  enact a PUBLIC LAW that has NOT been, as required by LAW - given the required Public Consent!  The MNA's deliberate discriminatory independent (rendered  "null & void",  in our Constitution- whether Quebec has signed it or not) decision to deliberately and maliciously DENY English speaking Taxpaying Quebeckers full Provincial Government documentation in English!

The 30 year long, "We are working on the English Translation",  offensive discriminatory message in fact, VIOLATES and Abuses Quebec's declaration of Human Rights - that supposedly makes it clear "Language discrimination"  will NOT BE Tolerated!!  And yet our Liberal Government continues its very clear PURGE of English out of existence!

It is TIME the Quebec Government  REFUND OUR TAX DOLLARS - for All the English Services  that have been ERASED (in particular on the South Shore)  for illegally declaring French as the Only Official Language - another PUBLIC LAW - that Quebec Politicians HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT to erase, reduce or amend!!

Human Rights CRIMES of horrific discrimination against the English Speaking Population of Quebec have been and ARE being presented under the offensive umbrella of,  'saving the French Language',   that never has & does NOT NEED SAVING;  because the French language has been growing (long before the language loi's)  at a TREMENDOUS RATE throughout the history of Quebeck, and throughout the Rest of the country! 

Erasing our English language - means erasing - annihilating our culture - our existence - another gross violation and abuse of the Charter of Rights!!  Again - the deliberate denial of Equal Rights in Quebec has not only to date resulted in - Government endorsed &amp; promotion of discrimination  and ethnic cleansing that has NOT been seen since the Nazi Era and this MUST STOP RIGHT NOW!!   WE DEMAND OUR DOCUMENTATION IN ENGLISH IMMEDIATELY!!
These grotesque barbaric ethnic cleansing illegal laws - all of them - must be abolished.  We did NOT VOTE for the Quebec Liberal Party to  destroy our 400 year old presence!  To date:  The QC Liberal Party has done us the MOST HARM and is obviously  dedicated to our erasure!!  The "Respect & promotion of our minority community", public blurbs are OUTRIGHT LIES, as proven with the grotesque, threatening presence of the  disgusting OLF and its boot stomping, immune from the law, (illegal as hell) language police!!

How dare ANY PUBLIC SERVANT - DEFILE their Oaths of Office - whilst living off OUR TAX DOLLARS!!  

Please know - this correspondence is being made PUBLIC and will continue to be PUBLISHED until  the ETHNIC CLEANSING illegal laws and Provincial Government Endorsed discriminatory ACTIONS - are ABOLISHED!

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