Hemp Oil Cancer Cure - Suppressed - Why???

February 5, 2012
Canadian Rick Simpson Finds Cancer Cure And Is Being Punished For It!!

This is not going to be a lengthy article.  The Film link speaks much more eloquently than I ever can.  Just know our medical establishment and our politicians,  hired by us to work on,  'Our Behalf',  once again, have and are doing the exact opposite.   This 'opposite'  though is one that carries a devastating price of':  needless suffering and death.  

Rick Simpson 'deserves'  Canada's  Medal Of Honor  and I hope we, the people of Canada make sure he gets it. 

PS: If anyone knows how to make this oil please let me know :):)  

Reply From Quebec Government. Part 2

October 9, 2011
Please note**  I've posted everything in its entirety.  You'll find 'My Reply'  following this one.
2011/10/6 <Steve.Lambert@servicesquebec.gouv.qc.ca>        

Dear didi1947@gmail.com

You contacted us lately to express your dissatisfaction with the fact that not all the information on the websites of the Québec government is available in English.

Here are a few explanations.

The Québec government's departments and agencies are all subject to the application of the government policy regardi...
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Open Letter To Quebec Government. Part 1

September 30, 2011
 <didi1947@gmail.com> 2011-09-26 14:09 >>>

I am very alarmed at the Quebeck Governments independent decision to  enact a PUBLIC LAW that has NOT been, as required by LAW - given the required Public Consent!  The MNA's deliberate discriminatory independent (rendered  "null & void",  in our Constitution- whether Quebec has signed it or not) decision to deliberately and maliciously DENY English speaking Taxpaying Quebeckers full Provincial Government documentation in English!

The 30 year long, "W...
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