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Correction re: Open Letter to Senate & Comment.

February 14, 2011
It seems  I erred when I wrote the Senate may not introduce Bills.  It 'seems'  they may introduce Bills!  Here's a copy of the criteria -  taken from the Senate Fact Sheet - I found today.  I don't know how new this is.. this is the first time I've seen it during the 8 months I've been digging my way through the horrific maze of Government documents, whilst trying to find answers re:  "Our Laws"  etc..    In any event, let's take a look at the 'Steps the Senate or a Senator must follow'  .. and then address if they in 'fact' do follow the steps - and the 'Spirit Of The Law'. . (see Senate link at end of the post)

"Passing Bills in the Senate"

Passing bills in the Senate is similar to that in the House of Commons. There are five steps:

   1. First reading
      The bill is received, printed and circulated. This is an introductory proceeding without debate or vote.

   2. Second reading
      The principle of the bill is debated: Is the bill good policy?

   3. Committee stage
      Ministers, department officials, experts and members of the public who have an interest in the bill appear as witnesses before a Senate committee. Committee members then study the bill clause by clause. Amendments or changes to the bill may be proposed. In the final stage, the committee adopts a report on the bill, recommending to the Senate that it be accepted as is; that it be accepted with amendments; or that it be rejected.

   4. Report stage
      If the committee report recommends adopting the bill as is (i.e., with no amendments), there is no report stage in the Senate and the bill goes directly to third reading.  If, however, the report recommends amendments, the Senate must debate the report and either accept, amend or reject the amendments, in whole or in part.

   5. Third reading
      Final approval of the bill. Senators may propose further amendments at this stage. If the bill originated in the Senate, it is sent to the House of Commons, which will examine it through a similar three-reading process. If the bill originated in the House of Commons and was not amended in the Senate, it is now ready for Royal Assent. If the bill originated in the Commons and was amended in the Senate, a message about the amendments is sent to the Commons to ask for their agreement. The Commons and the Senate must agree on the exact contents of a bill before Royal Assent can be granted, making it law.

So, there you have it.

Let's address Steps  2 & 3.   Step 2. The principal of the bill is debated.  Is it a good Bill policy?   This part confuses me to no end - because,  it clearly states in our Statute of Law Making Regulations that  all Public Bills - must be with the public being 'provided' with  full and easy access to all Bills being introduced !   I believe it is the people's  right to discuss &/or  debate and decide the 'Principal of bills  and whether or not it is a good Bill policy -no?  After all - It is Our Lives - that will be affected and/or changed,  and it is our responsibility and right to decide whether or not - we  want the bloody thing to go any further - no?  Therefore - at the very least - Step 2..  warrants a discussion with our Senate.

Step 3:  This one is the big one:  The Committee Stage:  Notice - the part that says "...members of the public who have an interest in the bill appear as witnesses before a Senate Committee...",  who will study what they/we have to say... and they  may  -or- may not  propose amendments to the bill!    First of all - how many people do you know - who have had ANY opportunity to add their voice  to ANY bill - let alone a Senate bill  Committee ?   I repeat -  these Senators  are making decisions that  affect our lives!!  You know like the freaking illegal language laws!  What is this?  First we have to find out these bill introductions  are happening... and quite unlike the law demands... the people of Canada  are  NOT fully informed - not by a long shot..  and certainly is anything  but easy to access!   Add to that - if per chance by some fluke - we do find out - bills are being introduced and/or enacted  - we have to freaking go to Ottawa and what - plead our case for -or- against  these bills?  And leave it up to the individual Senators - who may or may not consider our concerns as valid?   (I've read some of the Senate transcripts - particularly when it comes to the ugly illegal language laws,  and believe me - it is clear that to 'some of our  'named, not elected Senators'  - our best interest - or the benefit to the public - seems to be the least of their priorities!)

So what - I repeat is going on here?   And how dare - these people take it upon themselves - to decide to create  new laws..  without the required - full knowledge and FULL Consent of the people of Canada! 


Reposted Open Letter to Canada's Senators:

February 13, 2011
July 22,2012:  I'm reposting the 'Open letter our Senate' - see below) hoping that perhaps this time we get a reply!   

 DidiM <didi1947@gmail.com>
sender-time    Sent at 1:34 PM (GMT-05:00). Current time there: 5:06 PM. ✆
to    rights-droits@sen.parl.gc.ca
date    Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 1:34 PM
subject    To Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights & All Senators.
mailed-by    gmail.com

Dear Senators,

I've been reading portions of your meetings with great interest and extreme concern and will get straight to the point.

When pray tell, are any of you - including the entire Senate - going to address and denounce (as you are bound to by law) - the 40 year long ongoing - devastating abuse of human rights - against the English Speaking Population of  Quebeck?  2.5 MILLION Canadians whose rights - freedoms - ability to earn a living in English -  public services, media, businesses, CULTURE - essence - have been illegally erased/ethnically cleansed .. as I'm sure you are well aware of.    And please - do not offer the typical reply - saying this is a Provincial Issue.  Discrimination and Ethnic Cleansing against any individual  - let alone a substantial segment of the population,  of /in any  Province -  is - as you all know - yet continue to blatantly ignore -  a crime,  period. 

Our Federal Government  is obligated by law  - as are you - to protect all our rights and freedoms:  particularly  if a Provincial government - illegally enacts laws that discriminate  - language included;  in spite of the word 'language'  being illegally removed from OUR Charter - Without Our Knowledge and certainly Without OUR Consent:   a regulation you must obey - as is made very clear in our Statute of Law Making regulations, '.... and any bill, amendment etc...  enacted to deny our rights - or that do NOT adhere to the "Spirit of The Law"  ... ".... shall be deemed Null & Void." 
**Note**   Although this regulation still holds true - because it cannot be removed or amended - access to the text has mysteriously disappeared from our Government website after I sent a copy of the link to our Minster Of Heritage and Culture**

Erasing the English Language  in the Province of Quebec -  is a grotesque and outrageous act of,  "ethnic cleansing"  and you know it!  If you do not know it - you most certainly are unqualified for the position you hold.   Therefore,  no matter how  often the Senate & our elected officials -  prattle,   that  it is up to our 'elected officials  to  create such
laws  - on behalf of the people',  -  or the oft suggested nonsense - '...that if the people disagree - they can make that clear by 'not re-electing the member...etc"  - repeating this mantra,  does not - and will not -  make it  Legal - Ever !  

You,  all of you, have in my opinion and multitudes of like minded citizens are,  grossly  abusing and violating your positions,  and the trust, we the people of Canada have  given you.  Notwithstanding,  the Officially Bilingual amended nonsense -  "..for Federal Institutions  Only  etc... ".  

The Statutes of Our Law Making Regulations you must adhere to, clearly state, ".... that any bills, amendments, law, legislation's - introduced that,   "affect the lives/rights etc... of the population -  or segment thereof,  must  first:  be
presented to the people of Canada - and must have the full consent by  the VOTE  of the People of Canada and/or  segment of the population  that will/may be affected by such laws  ( not by the MP's, MNA's, MLA's etc...voting on their behalf.  This 'Regulation'  was written specifically to protect the people from any form of Dictatorship - rearing its head  in OUR Country) :  and I repeat,  must  have the full consent - by a full majority vote of the people.     The Regulation goes on to say that,  "...any such laws introduced, amended or enacted,  without the full knowledge and consent of the people of Canada -  shall be deemed  Null & Void, and the official(s)/member(s)  shall be subject to immediate dismissal and/or  criminal prosecution."   
**Note**   Same as above - in red.  I've jumped through pretty much every hoop there is to get access to the Statutes Of Regulations I refer to in this letter - to no avail.   All access to them - I repeat have become unavailable - in spite of the fact that  I'd received the link  from  the office of the Canada Gazette.   

The above is the primary Regulatory law - you are obligated to uphold.   It is the: Foundation of the,  Laws - of the people of Canada:  the people you and every elected official and government employee, must not/may not,  under any circumstance violate or abuse. (other than in extreme circumstances - like a war and then it may only be temporarily amended.   For those who are 'unaware of  Law Making Statute -  I strongly suggest - you  become aware of it asap.   After all - according to another  Law of the land - "Ignorance of the Law is may not be used as a defense." . 

Finally:  Senators  job descriptions,  do not, include  the Introduction,  of  ANY - Bills - or pieces of Legislation.   Therefore, for example:   what on earth is going on with Senator Chaptu (sp) and/or others,  introducing an amendment to the Language Act ?   And, what on earth are you doing with Bill C-224  (as much as I agree with it)  discussing tampering with our  Charter Of Rights?   No  government representative(s)  -  I repeat - may  introduce  - let alone amend  any part of our Constitution or Charter, without our full knowledge and full consent.  Please don't reply - we have access to the Canada Gazette   etc...    It by no stretch of the imagination,   gives the people of Canada - the required by law - FULL AND EASY ACCESS. ergo:  more violations of your job description.

I repeat - the role of the Senate  is to ensure  the, Laws of our Country (& Spirit of the law)  -  are upheld-  in our 10 Provinces & 3 Territories,  that  protect all our rights.  They may in, no way be amended to diminish or remove any right or freedom.

It is  high time -  the  illegal disgustingly shameful, 'ethnic cleansing laws'  (go look up the definition of the United Nations  & The International Human Rights Agreement  - signed and violated by Canada and Quebeck )  of Quebec are  not only addressed,  but  also,  your obligation to deem  Null & Void:  and to immediately demand the prosecution of those responsible for illegally allowing the, enactment/endorsement/promotion - of these  horrific acts.

These language laws make a mockery of our much touted democracy, and are designed specifically  - (not as spouted -  to protect the French language) .  they in fact are,  a deliberate and ugly  -  attempt  - to  'justify'  the 'unjustifiable',   the  erasure of  the  entire English Culture-  out of existence - in our Canadian owned Province of Quebeck, period.  I repeat, recognized and condemned,  throughout the Free World  as  'Ethnic Cleansing'. 

The  English population in fact - is the population  that  has been instrumental in growing,  the French language in Quebec and throughout the country!  Had any of you done  your homework - you would know that:  the ONLY documented/historic, longstanding discrimination  that has taken place in Quebeck  - has been against the English - starting with  the French Catholic Church - who ruled  the Province and francophone community, with an Iron hand  for centuries  - whilst  spewing  their  nonstop, "Anglo Devil"  -  hate & lunacy.

It is, I repeat - your responsibility - to protect the rights and freedoms  of  All Canadians - in this case - particularly - the 2.5 Million  English speaking population in Quebec - that you have and continue to  illegally   DENY  their  Human Rights.   I repeat one more time  - Language discrimination  and ethnic cleansing  -  is NOT a 'Provincial Matter',  especially  when the Provincial spokespeople/elected representatives -   are the abusers & violators of  those rights. 

**Note: As you must know by now - the Stats Canada - population reports these past 40 years were deliberately skewed and grossly minimized the true numbers of the English & non francophone population of Quebeck.   To those who are not aware of this - I'll be more than happy to explain and demonstrate how & why this was done.  In the meantime -Rest assured - the 2.5 million English Speaking number is a Fact.  Then again - the size of the population should not matter - should it -  when it concerns Human Rights Abuses taking place in Our "Land Of The Free" ?

I look forward to your reply,



Canada's Maxime Bernier denounces the Quebeck's disgusting language laws!

February 6, 2011
I never thought I'd say or write this.   I am going to vote Conservative in the upcoming Federal Election.  On condition of course that Mr. Bernier's  denouncement of Quebeck's  horrific language laws  continues and I'm going to join the Conservatives for sure if they make this a part of their platform:  I'll even  nominate Bernier for every freaking AWARD this country has: for being the First and ONLY Politician to demonstrate the LEADERSHIP this country has been so very hungry for!   And note: Having always voted Liberal - this is a huge deal for me!

I also know that pretty much all the life long liberals in Quebeck - the 2.5 million English speaking ones - that have been totally Shut Out of the now French only Quebec arm of the Federal Liberal Party - the ones who've been staying home on election day - will at least think about be doing the same.

After suffering decades of lies and betrayal - the Liberals promised us for decades - if we were patient - they would abolish the language laws... and instead, they rewarded our loyalty and patience - with shitting on us big time - over and over and over again!  What they did to us instead, was endorse and promote the illegal ethnic cleansing language laws; 
kiss the asses and recruit every separatist they could find (that went on to pretend to have been miraculously reborn into a federalist) and spread the lying filthy MYTHS about the English Devils;  that the Separatists owned Quebec - when of course - in FACT it belongs to ALL Canadians!

The next week or so should show if Bernier means it - but so far he is standing up to the foaming at the mouth screeches of protest from the seps and of course the provincial liberals - who also shat on us and betrayed our community, with ever increasing draconian language laws, and have proven to be even more rabid about Erasing our English language and
culture - than the seps even dreamed of!  They totally erased English as an official language and pretty much ALL the government services - we still pay hefty taxes for - but no longer have access to.  Will get into that can of horrific worms in an upcoming article - that will make your heads turn with shock and disbelief.

I think the rest of the country, finally finding out what has REALLY been going on here in gestapo ethnic cleansing Quebec - may have had something to do with it as well; (thanks to the magic of the internet)

No government reps and no provincial reps have the power or right to freaking erase English or the right to live and work in it - according to OUR Statute Of Law Making Regulations!

Quebeck BELONGS TO ALL CANADIANS - it does NOT belong to that cult of anti English GOONS - we have allowed to destroy our province and country!

Quebec BEFORE the language laws - was the ONLY Officially Bilingual province in the country. And these GOONS illegally ERASED the  brilliant and enriching standing that had made Quebec/k  the Richest and most popular Province in Canada.  They destroyed all that was good and right and any sense of democracy we believed protected us and  foisted the  boot stomping Office de la langue francais -  The language Police - and their disgusting - shameful ethnic cleansing loi's...(loi = law in french) all over the greater Montreal area, while instilling fear and terror into the hearts of the English speaking population that would have made Hitler proud.

Here's too Maxime Bernier for having the balls... to stand up and denounce what will go down in history - as Canada's black era of evil and shame.  And here's  to hoping that Canada will once more have a Leader we can believe in and be proud of.   It has been much too long and much too destructive and  painful without one.

Montreal Gazette In The Toilet - Here's Why

December 12, 2010
Montreal Gazette - In The Toilet?
Posted by Didi Miesen on Sunday, February 21, 2010 Under: Why the Montreal Gazette is In the Toilet (media bullshit tag)  in response to: “Will the Potential New Buyers of The Montreal Gazette and Two Other Papers Finally add Balance?”  “Is it too much to ask?”  question asked on another site.

My reply on that site & edited here: 

" LOL... YES, it's too much to ask as long as the Managing Editor (Raymond Brassard and his Francophone management team) have control.

Here's why I feel this way:
I first ran across Monsieur Brassard back during the days of the referendum, when I called to ask him why he was putting so much French content into the Gazette. I reminded him that it was the ONLY English Daily we had left in the city.  I can only remember parts of the conversation we had, because his pro separatists demeanor blew my brains apart with shock,  but what stayed forever etched in my head was when he told me he'd come to Quebec from Vermont to 'Help save the French language'  and that the Gazette was NOT an English Paper.  I remember I hung up dazed and stunned.  After I managed to regain my breath, I called him back and got his voice mail.  So I left him a message asking what he meant by, the Gazette is NOT an English paper.

He left me a reply on my voice mail that said: "What I meant by that is:  The Gazette is not an English paper, it's not a French paper, it's not a Chinese paper, it's a Montreal paper."  I kept that voice mail for over a decade and played it for everyone to hear.  Probably because I couldn't  fathom that the freaking editor of Montreal's ONLY ENGLISH Daily left in the bloody Province, telling me on tape - the Gazette was NOT an English paper!!   That he or anyone for that matter - could even think such a thing let alone say it and leave it on my voice mail certainly isn't an Einstein move is it!

From there, I knew we were in big trouble (should have known it with past editor, Joan Frazier at the helm - who imo was rewarded with a Senator Seat for NOT voicing OUR outrage over the language laws) in Montreal.  And I knew that further conversation with this new to Quebeck - self declared from Vermont -  French Quebecois Language Savior, Monsieur Brassard, would be a total waste of time;

So instead, I wrote Conrad Black who owned Southam at that time.  I faxed him a 3 page letter, after speaking with his wonderful secretary - whose name I sadly can't remember at the moment and lo and behold I got a personal signed reply asking me to be patient - he'd fix it.   A few months later to my delight, and I'm sure to the delight of ALL the readers of the Gazette, there was an added heading to the title.  It was:  Montreal's English Language Daily!!!

Unfortunately, Mr. Black being the democratic employer he was and is (even though he's a die hard Conservative;    something, I still don't get - but then again the Liberals have also proven to be useless liars)  -  he didn't fire M. Brassard as I surely would have, for not having a handle on the papers readership etc..  And for not being fired -  M. Brassard ran as many:   "Let's get Conrad Black' articles as he could - during the witch hunt Destroy Conrad Black, days.  Nice guy that M. Brassard, no?

Of course, ever since then, the Gazette has gone steadily down the toilet.  Its new owners Canwest and Astral Media - systematically fired just about all its professional English reporters - starting with the ones that had a faithful following;  replaced English Management with French management (Gee do you think they discriminate in their hiring and/or promotion practices?)  It is evident M. Brassard and pals believe they are the masters who KNOW what the English Gazette readership NEEDS  to be ALLOWED to read.  And that only they (the - language law - collaborating - new French only executive, pretend to be unbiased, 'French Only militants', are the ones that must Dictate what we (those English - Les Autres  the Others - Should & Must be Directed To Believe!!  

And off they went on their nouveau Gazette rampage.  They took all that made the Gazette GREAT and turned it into the piece of garbage its become.  Straight into the garbage,  where most readers put it, after enduring the years of  bile being foisted upon them.  You know, like Separatist, Josse Legault and her regular op-ed spot- singing the praises of the Parti Quebecois and the erasure of that dirty English language and its population. Bombarding us with the -  'Move to Toronto - Take the 401 if you don't like it -  daily mantra - and hurled at us from every media outlet in the Province.  The never ending -accusations of being one of those hateful 'anti French'  English elites, if  we dared protest  - the erasure of  our English Language - our culture - our entire community! 

Ah yes, opening up the Gazette - every morning - reading outright garbage - choking on my coffee  -  became typical under our English Gazette's 'new French - Maitre chez nous - management'.

What finally made me cancel 30+ year subscription was,  its public lynching of Steve Olynick.  You see Steve was  the  25 year long  beloved Mayor of Greenfield Park.  And he was the only Mayor in the Province who refused to remove the hated English STOP signs in his city and replace them with the boot stomping ARRET ones.  All the other English majority mayors had crumbled under the language loi hammer but not Steve.

Steve paid dearly for standing up for what's right.  And the Gazette was the medium that made sure he was punished severly for it.   Within one year,  they destroyed the man and his reputation.  Imagine,  after 25 years of the Montreal Gazette singing his praises as a Mayor, the Gazette was suddenly out to get him.  It went on a year long hate campaign.  In one year, they published over 200 negative stories about him.  Two hundred negative articles in one freaking year!!

Steve was my friend  and I watched him crumble and get sick.  This big strong - best Mayor Greenfield Park ever had - a man who was always true to his word and true to his heart - was destroyed in one year, by the Gazette.  I still have copies of all those articles.  I was going to help him fight back but he DIED.  He aged 20 years in one year.  Do I have a personal beef against the Gazette?  You bet your ass I do.  Because the above examples are just iotas of countless other untold truths of what has taken place to 'Help Brassard, from Vermont save the French language in Quebec.
Looks like destroying the Gazette and unknown countless lives, was and is, a small price to pay, to satisfy  Brassard's save the french language crusade.

Ah, the power of the press and the damage it can and does create.   I know, Steve wasn't the only one damaged by our once noble Gazette.  In my opinion, the English community has been dealt the same kind of blow and same kinds of wounds by the paper that's supposed to represent its ENGLISH community.  The ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY we have left.

To the new owners of the Montreal Gazette:  There you have it.    Why is the Gazette broke?  Why has its readership plummeted?  Read the above.

Till next time..

End Illegal Ethnic Cleansing Language Laws enacted in Canada!

December 11, 2010
You all know by now - that a great deal of my time is dedicated to the REINSTATEMENT of  "Constitutional Guaranteed Equal Rights & Freedoms'  to  the 2.5 Million English Speaking Quebec- Canadians - that have been forced against their will - to endure living without them!   Although Canada - declares itself -  and sings the praises of  it being "Officially Bilingual"  - "The Worlds  Peacekeepers"  etc...    to our International Community -  the TRUTH  of what has really been going on in our once 'True & Free'  country  - demonstrates a much darker  Reality.   Yes Canada is Officially Bilingual  -  in  NINE of 'OUR' Provinces.  There are of course  10 Provinces & 3 Territories that make up our former Great Country.    The 10th. Province  Quebec,  has over the past 30 years - chipped away at our rights and freedoms - enacting one illegal discriminatory law after the other - that today has gotten to the point of - Ethnic Cleansing being illegally legalized in Quebec!   The ENGLISH LANGUAGE  and most importantly  the right to live and WORK in it -  has been ERASED and REMOVED as an Official Language in Quebec - all achieved with the 'help'  of our Federal Government Representatives;  and all of it done WITHOUT the knowledge or consent (as required by our Constitutional Laws)  of the Canadian People!   These illegal, immoral - discriminatory - ethnic cleansing laws - designed to ERASE  the English speaking population OUT of their Province - their home - their jobs, their 400 year history and its culture -  are in full effect. 
Imagine - Quebec has LANGUAGE POLICE - given full immunity from prosecution of any kind (like the Gestapo had),  bootstomping  all over the Greater Montreal Area (only)  - where the majority of the English Speaking population of Quebeck  happen to live and have lived  - since Canada became a country!
Imagine what would happen to your life - if tomorrow you were told - it is ILLEGAL - to work in English!  Imagine what would happen if lifelong friends, neighbors - dropped you - because you are not French!  Imagine your schools being closed, one by one;  your media erased, your corporations - businesses  taken over - stolen in fact  - and that English people were no longer allowed to work there!   Bilingual, trilinugal, multilingual  - doesn't count in Quebec.  Your name & Heritage MUST be French Canadian.. period.   Imagine  having your children  forced into French schools  and forced to endure..  daily slurs, and torment - because they are English.  Imagine the Media - promoting hatred against  the English - day after day, year after year, month after month...  all endorsed  by government officials!   Imagine what kind of a turn your life would take.

There is much, much more to tell of course.  Suffice to say that is the TRUTH and UGLY Reality we in Quebec have been forced to live with - for over 3 decades.   The situation is today - at the stage of horrific... ex: yesterday a woman asking for a food basket was turned away because she is English!  

Equality belongs to and in ALL 10 Canadian Provinces - not  9  provinces;  with the 10th.  given reign  to legalize discrimination, whilst  promoting hatred against its 2.5 Million English speaking population.   The United Nations was built on a foundation of:  Ethnic Cleansing - 'Never Again'.   Who on earth would have ever imagined that Canada the 'Land Of the Strong And Free'  would not only allow it - it has Endorsed it and is Promoting it!    


Multitudes of Illegal Legislations Enacted For Decades Without Canadians Knowledge or Consent ??

June 8, 2010
Did you know that ANY Bill presented – and/or Law, that affects the lives of Citizens  MAY NOT be  enacted – without  - the citizens of Canada being fully informed – consulted – and must have the (majority)  CONSENT – of Canadians,  that includes the right to VOTE  on the matter?   That does NOT mean that our MP’s  or MNA’s  may  do so on our behalf !!  

**"Public consultation
(2) The Minister of Canadian Heritage shall take such measures as that Minister considers appropriate to ensure public consultation in the development of policies and review of programs relating to the advancement and the equality of status and use of English and French in Canadian society.
R.S., 1985, c. 31 (4th Supp.), s. 43; 1995, c. 11, s
. 28."

Let’s address   two  VIOLATIONs  ( big ones)  as an example.
1-    Canadians  Being Denied The Right To Move and Gain Livelihood Across  Canada !

The Law States:  (See All at: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/charter/1.html#anchorbo-ga:l_I-gb:s_15 )

Mobility of citizens
6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.
Rights to move and gain livelihood
(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right
(a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and
(b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.
(3) The rights specified in subsection (2) are subject to
(a) any laws or practices of general application in force in a province other than those that discriminate among persons primarily on the basis of province of present or previous residence; and
(b) any laws providing for reasonable residency requirements as a qualification for the receipt of publicly provided social services.
Affirmative action programs
(4) Subsections (2) and (3) do not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration in a province of conditions of individuals in that province who are socially or economically disadvantaged if the rate of employment in that province is below the rate of employment in Canada.
Legal Rights
Life, liberty and security of person
7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.
Our Federal government representatives – Liberal and Conservative – did NOT EVER have a Canada wide vote – re:  anything to do with Quebeck!   Our Federal Government representatives decided – on their own – that  Canadians no longer have the right to live and work in either  English and/or French in the Canadian Province Of  Quebec !  Our Federal government representatives -  not only removed that right , without our knowledge or consent, – they continued on even further – by supporting –the Removal Of English as an Official Language in Quebec, knowing full well, doing so  violates every Canadians Constitutional  Rights  and  Charter Of Rights and ability to make a living in all provinces!  (We’ll get into the ‘Nation Status’ violation another time.)

2-    Example:  Charter Of Rights.   Changed From: Equality Rights
(1)    Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on, race, language, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.  When were Canadians informed and consulted about  ‘language’  even being considered - to be erased,  from this part of our Charter ?

Example: Charter of Rights Changed  from All Canadians including Quebec To:  16.1 (1) The English linguistic community and the French linguistic community in New Brunswick have equality of status and equal rights and privileges, including the right to distinct educational institutions and such distinct cultural institutions as are necessary for the preservation and promotion of those communities.  Hello !  When were Canadians informed and consulted  about this change even being considered?? 

And by enacting these illegal laws  - your   (you my fellow Canadian)   ability to move to, live in and work in, in English in  Quebeck  - has been  removed !!   It is not only the 2.5 million English speaking residents of Quebeck  whose ability to “pursue the gaining of a livelihood in Quebec” :   Your ability the to do so has  also – been  illegally removed !  The language laws – and total subsequent - bullshit foisted upon Canadians across the country – must therefore – be declared Null & Void – no? 


Note**  Our Charter of Rights Has  been re-written  WITHOUT our  Knowledge  and/or Consent !!    All deemed illegal for ANY MP/MNA  to do – let alone enforce !!  Note**  Our Constitution Has been re-written WITHOUT our Knowledge and/or Consent !!


Your Copy Of The Canada Gazette? Have You Heard Of It?

June 3, 2010
I recently found out that ALL Canadians are supposed to be informed and consulted about ALL proposed 'laws' that will affect their lives - BEFORE - they are enacted.  (Paraphrasing here - will post 'verbatim' - within the next couple of days)  It seems its a part of our constitutional rights  and - believe it or not - states very clearly - that any politician who does NOT respect or give the general public access to voice their opinions and/or vote... must quit or be removed from  his/her seat in government!   Therefore - all laws that have been amended and/or  enacted into law: For example: Changes to our Charter Of Rights - The Language Laws - Nation Status Laws - and all the other countless - too many to write here.. 'Lawsrequire our Consent !!  

Note**  (See response in its entirety below)    "...The CGD "publishes" the "Canada Gazette" pursuant to Section 10 of the "Statutory Instruments Act" which stipulates that the "Queen's Printer shall continue to publish the Canada Gazette as the official gazette of Canada.   "According to an interpretation by counsels Betty Rollo and Alain Prévost of the Privy Council Office, "publish" means "to make publicly or generally known" which also includes the printing and distribution of the "Canada Gazette."

Correspondence to date: 
   Note**  I will be addressing the reply - section by section - in on going posts.  For the moment - wrap this around your head.  I for one - spent 4 hours...  trying to navigate my way around this 'Fountain of Available Information'  and haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the multiple index's - let alone find the laws that are of concern !

Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 11:23 AM
To: Info Gazette
Subject: Canada Gazette Distribution
Attention: Carole Kennedy, Director, Canada Gazette Directorate
Open Letter to: Director of Canada Gazette

Dear Ms. Kennedy,
Having only recently been made aware of the 'existence'  of Canada Gazette - and its importance to the public. As a matter of fact,  I believe - it is crucial for every Canadian have not only 'access' to it  - but understand from its mandate..  it 'must be made available' to the general public - at all times, no?
Therefore - why are weekly copies of this most important - paper - not - being delivered to our mailboxes?  After all - multi millions of citizens do not use the internet.  And as you yourself state: "The Canada Gazette Directorate is committed to maintaining the highest level of client service. As the main point of contact for clients who publish notices in the Canada Gazette, our team recognizes the importance of providing accurate information to our clients in a timely and courteous fashion." 

I am hard pressed to reconcile.. the general public's  absolute  'unawareness' of its - very existence!   Is this not a very clear violation in fact, of your paper's mandate?   I'll limit this email to the above and anxiously await your reply,
Didi M

The Reply:

Good afternoon,
Thank you for visiting the "Canada Gazette" Web site and for your comments.
"The Canada Gazette," which consists of three parts, is the official publication of the Government of Canada since 1841. Part I (1841) contains the Government's official and legal notices and proposed regulations as well as the private sector's official public notices; Part II (1947), enacted regulations and regulatory texts; and Part III (1974), enacted acts and their proclamations.
The mandate of the Canada Gazette Directorate (CGD) is to produce, publish and distribute the "Canada Gazette," pursuant to the "Statutory Instruments Act" which you access on Justice Canada's Web site at http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/en/S-22/FullText.html and the "Statutory Instruments Regulations," at http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/en/C.R.C.-C.1509/FullText.html.

The keywords of the CGD's mandate can mislead the public due to their legal definitions in the "Statutory Instruments Act" and Regulations.  The CGD "produces" the "Canada Gazette" by editing/proofreading all legal texts and notices received from its various public and private sector clients and formats the notices into a publication, i.e. printed and electronical versions.
According to Section 10 of the "Statutory Instruments Regulations," (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/en/C.R.C.-C.1509/FullText.html), "The typography, style and format of Part I, Part II and Part III of the Canada Gazette shall be substantially similar to the typography, style and format of the public general Acts of the Parliament of Canada." 
The CGD "publishes" the "Canada Gazette" pursuant to Section 10 of the "Statutory Instruments Act" (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/en/S-22/FullText.html) which stipulates that the "Queen's Printer shall continue to publish the Canada Gazette as the official gazette of Canada. "According to an interpretation by counsels Betty Rollo and Alain Prévost of the Privy Council Office, "publish" means "to make publicly or generally known" which also includes the printing and distribution of the "Canada Gazette."
Even though the Canada Gazette Directorate is responsible for producing, publishing and distributing the "Canada Gazette," federal government departments and agencies as well as private sector organizations are responsible of submitting the information for publication in the "Canada Gazette" and of answering any questions and/or comments
concerning the information in question. The Department of Justice is responsible for the regulatory process and the acts and regulations database.
The CGD "distributes" the "Canada Gazette" to Members of Parliament and to the public according to the "Statutory
Instruments Act."
    "13. (1) A copy of each regulation that is published in the "Canada Gazette" shall be provided to each member of the Senate and House of Commons by delivering to each such member without charge a copy of the "Canada Gazette" in which the regulation is published.
    (2) Copies of the "Canada Gazette" shall be delivered without charge to such persons or classes of persons, in addition to those described in subsection (1), as may be prescribed and may be sold to any person on payment of the charge prescribed therefor."
Also according to Section 20 of the "Statutory Instruments Regulations," (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/en/C.R.C.-C.1509/FullText.html):   "Copies of Part I, Part II and Part III of the "Canada Gazette" may be sold to any person upon payment of the appropriate charge therefor set out in Schedule II."
In other words, paid publications and subscriptions had and were always made available to Canadians but they had to either buy a copy or subscribe to the publication to receive it at home. In order to ensure sale and distribution of the "Canada Gazette," the Publishing and Depository Services Directorate of Public Works and Government

Services Canada (PWGSC) are responsible for the sale of subscriptions to the print copy of the "Canada Gazette" in
accordance with Treasury Board's Communications Policy. Please consult the Publications of Canada Web site at
http://www.publications.gc.ca/control/publicHomePage?lang=English or call them toll free at 1-800-635-7943.

There are also bookstores that sell Government publications such as the "Canada Gazette" which are listed in the telephone directory.
The Depository Services Program is responsible for the free distribution of the "Canada Gazette" to Members of Parliament and to all major libraries across Canada, thus making the "Canada Gazette" available free of charge to all
Canadians. Please consult the Depository Services Program at http://dsp-psd.communication.gc.ca/index-e.html or call them toll free at 1-800-635-7943. To find a depository library in your area, please visit the Depository Services Program's Web page entitled "Depository Libraries" at http://www.dsp-psd.communication.gc.ca/Depo/table-e.html, click on your province of residence and scroll down to your city or call them at the above-mentioned toll-free number.  
To ensure quick access to the public at large, all three parts of the "Canada Gazette" are available free of charge on the "Canada Gazette" Web site at http://gazette.gc.ca/index-eng.html in PDF (Portable Document Format) since 1998 - official for issues published after April 1, 2003 - and in a unilingual alternate format for persons with disabilities in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) in April 2000 which was upgraded to a more user-friendly HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) format in 2003. The issues are listed under the heading "Recent Publications" and "Archives" on the left-hand side of the screen. The "Recent Publications" heading contains all the issues of the "Canada Gazette," Part I, Part II and Part III that were published in 2009 and that have been published to date in 2010. The "Archives" section contains all the issues of the "Canada Gazette," Part I, Part II and Part III that were published between 1998 and 2008.  To ensure access to the issues of the "Canada Gazette," Part I, Part II and Part III that were published prior to 1998, please visit the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Web site entitled "A Nation's Chronicle: The Canada Gazette" at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/canada-gazette/index-e.html. All issues dating from
1841 to 1997 should be digitized and online by October 2010.
In order to increase awareness of the existence of the "Canada Gazette," a commemorative book entitled "160 years of the Canada Gazette" was published in 2001 and is available free of charge in HTML and PDF formats on the "Canada Gazette" Web site at http://www.gazette.gc.ca/cg-gc/history-histoire-eng.html. Upon its publication, a complimentary copy was sent to every school within Canada to make children aware of this publication and, through them, their parents and family.
Also to make the important information even more accessible, the Canada Gazette Directorate offers the opportunity to receive updates on the most recent content pertaining to five specific categories published in the "Canada Gazette," Part I, by subscribing to the "Canada Gazette" RSS feeds, free of charge. For information on how to subscribe to these, please visit the Web page entitled "RSS Feeds" at http://www.gazette.gc.ca/st-ri/rss-eng.html. 
The Canada Gazette Directorate as shown above does fulfill its mandate and responsibilities. But Canadians, as citizens of Canada, also have responsibilities; one of them being to be informed of the laws and regulations governing their country.
As this latin expression stipulates: Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (which means "ignorance of the law does not excuse" or "ignorance of the law excuses no one") is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content. Therefore the onus is on each Canadian to inform himself or herself of the laws and regulations as well as the means to access them such as through his/her member of Parliament, a legal office, a library, etc.
We trust this information will be useful and we invite you to contact us should you have any questions or comments concerning the "Canada Gazette."
La Direction de la Gazette du Canada | Canada Gazette Directorate 350, rue Albert | 350 Albert Street Ottawa, Canada  K1A 0S5 Gouvernement du Canada | Government of Canada 

CBC Says versus CBC Does, Part 1. CBC Says

June 1, 2010
Canada's Voice:  Canada's Broadcasting Act states:

"3. (1) It is hereby declared as the broadcasting policy for Canada that
(l) the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as the national public broadcaster, should provide radio and television services incorporating a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens and entertains;
(m) the programming provided by the Corporation should:
    (i) be predominantly and distinctively Canadian,
    (ii) reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those
    (iii) actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression,
    (iv) be in English and in French, reflecting the different needs and circumstances of each official language
community, including the particular needs and circumstances of English and French linguistic minorities,
    (v) strive to be of equivalent quality in English and in French,
    (vi) contribute to shared national consciousness and identity,
    (vii) be made available throughout Canada by the most appropriate and efficient means and as resources
become available for the purpose, and
    (viii) reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada;
(n) where any conflict arises between the objectives of the Corporation set out in paragraphs (l) and (m) and the
interests of any other broadcasting undertaking of the Canadian broadcasting system, it shall be resolved in the
public interest, and where the public interest would be equally served by resolving the conflict in favour of either, it
shall be resolved in favour of the objectives set out in paragraphs (l) and (m)."

CBC's Voice:

CBC/Radio-Canada Programming and National Consciousness and Identity

The Parliament of Canada through the Broadcasting Act of 1991 requires that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "contribute to a shared national consciousness and identity".  The CBC/Radio-Canada does so by providing "a wide range of programming that informs, enlightens and entertains" through a range of broadcasting services in English and in French.
POLICY: CBC Program policy rests on certain premises, which distinguish the Corporation's philosophy:
(a)    The air waves belong to the people, who are entitled to hear the principal points of view on all questions of importance.
(b)    The airwaves must not fall under the control of any individuals or groups influential because of their special position.
(c)    The full exchange of opinion is one of the principal safeguards of free institutions.
(d)    The Corporation maintains and exercises editorial authority, control and responsibility for the content of all programs broadcast on its facilities.
(e)    The Corporation itself takes no editorial position in its programming.

In its programming the CBC/Radio-Canada has a mandate to:
•    "be predominantly and distinctively Canadian,
•    reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions,
•    actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression,
•    be in English and French, reflecting the different needs and circumstances of each official language community, including the particular needs and circumstances of English and French linguistic minorities,
•    reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada."

The CBC/Radio-Canada creates arts and entertainment and performance programming that is reflective of all regions of the country and of the diverse communities resident in these regions. The expression of the Canadian experience provides the roots and inspiration for distinctive Canadian programming.
This presentation of the Canadian experience in the CBC/Radio-Canada's art and entertainment and performance programming enables Canadians to share the cultural expressions of their diverse heritage, to laugh and to reflect together, to enjoy the talent of their artists and performers and to experience their common and unique histories and traditions..


Freedom of speech, opinion and expression; the free flow and exchange of ideas, opinions and information are fundamental tenets of Canadian Society.
CBC/Radio-Canada's function in such a community is to facilitate the exercise of this freedom by communicating to the public the information and ideas that are the ingredients of free discussion and debate.
CBC/Radio-Canada information programs apply the principles of the CBC/Radio-Canada Journalistic Standards and Practices, accuracy, integrity and fairness, to achieve optimum objectivity and balance.
The role of the CBC/Radio-Canada, then, in its information programming, is to inform Canadians about the issues they confront as they decide upon their future through the democratic process. The exercise of this responsibility calls both for identifying and exploring the issues confronting Canadians fairly and thoroughly, comprehensively and accurately, and for reflecting differing views about these issues, fully and fairly, and in a balanced manner, taking into account the weight of opinion which holds those views.
CBC/Radio-Canada's information programs must reflect Canada as a nation and explore the social, economic, political, cultural, and linguistic dimensions of Canadian nationhood. They do so by providing coverage of the issues and ideas of concern to Canadians and by presenting the broad range of opinion on these matters of public concern.

The CBC/Radio-Canada's Journalistic Standards and Practices states in part:
"The challenging of accepted orthodoxies should be reported but so also should the established views be clearly put. Moreover, the range of views and the weight of opinion are changing and these dynamics of change must be reflected.  Nor are range and breadth of presentation sufficient in journalistic programming: there must also be depth, the capturing of dimensions and nuances. Without these elements, the programming becomes too simplistic to permit adequate comprehension of the issues put before the public.
If the media are to do their work reflecting and revealing reality properly, there will at times be tension between the media and different elements of society. This should not inhibit the CBC/Radio-Canada, so long as the Corporation in its information programming is carrying out this essential task of informing the public in accordance with its established journalistic standards."

In light of Canada’s linguistic duality, the Corporation shall ensure that newly hired employees are given the information they need to understand the importance of the two official-language communities, their interdependence, and the significance of mutual support and respect between them.

The overall objectives of CBC/Radio-Canada programs with respect to contributing to a shared national consciousness and identity rest with the Media Vice Presidents, Program Directors, Managers and Section Heads, but Producers and Journalists are responsible for carrying out these objectives in their programs.
1. Formerly designated Corporate Policy No. 13

B.C. Fed., Liberal Candidate Public Conversation on Quebec Language Issue

May 28, 2010
Letter # 1 - to - Dan Veniez  Federal Liberal Candidate in British Columbia: &  Mr. Veniez's reply # 1. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Response to Dan Veniez - On his.. "The Michael Ignatieff I Know" article

Note:  Although I firmly agree with Mr. Veniez's  take on the non stop media bashing of Michael Ignatieff  etc..  I was horrified to see him brag about and 'Praise'  Quebec's Nation - Status. 

 Quebec's 30 year, ongoing  Ethnic Cleansing - of its 400 year long English history - now as reviled - Les Autres (other) -  and English population in my opinion is the very last thing one would imagine anyone possessing any intellect or semblance thereof - would brag about, no?  Ergo this letter. 
Find the article from his home page:  http://www.danveniez.ca

Sent to: dan@danveniez.ca  05-24-2010  from: didi1947@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Veniez,

I read your article with great interest, having been a Federal Liberal Party Supporter - since you were 5 years old - and having lived in Quebec since 1954, I am compelled to let you know how very 'alarmed' I am to discover that Michael Ignatieff - was the FIRST to recognize Quebec as a Nation  - and that you obviously SUPPORT - the continued devastation and destruction this 'supposed nationhood'  has wreaked on the OTHER Quebeckers that not only helped build the COUNTRY of Canada - but more importantly - were a vital part of the building of Quebeck - for 400 years.

This 'nationhood'  has managed nothing other than to remove  the (now called autres - other) language - rights and freedoms - that you continue to and  presently enjoy and take advantage of in beautiful BC;  but is DENIED to over 2.5 Millon Quebeckers  and was responsible for the biggest mass migration of a population that felt FORCED to leave their homes - since World War II .   It has legalized ETHNIC CLEANSING to an entirely new level that is obviously fully supported by our Present Liberal Party  - Even Though - WE  the English and Immigrant community of Quebec were Promised - over and over again - that if we were patient and supported the Federal Liberal Party  - this horrible language law and subsequent ugly discrimination we were subjected to in EVERY  aspect of our lives,  would BE RECTIFIED once the Party was re-elected!   That turned into a 30 year  continued  series of BROKEN PROMISES from our once much beloved Liberal Party.

I am writing this - because - you were obviously only  10 years old - when the disgraceful and grotesque language laws were enacted, and I have to assume you were denied the TRUTH about those "Autres"  that were such a supposed a blight on La Belle Province;  and raised with the  FALSE belief that the French language was in jeopardy and needed to be protected - from the surrounding 'Sea Of English';    And the way to do it was - to  ERASE  the  ENTIRE CULTURE and Language  of Quebec's  Other Founding People...  all  3 million of them  (notwithstanding Our Decimated  Native Population - who are the ONLY TRUE 'Founders of Canada) who had for your information - lived in HARMONY  with their  Francophone Friends, Family and neighbors for over 400 years.  So much so - that the Province had become the RICHEST and most PROSPOROUS one in Canada!   It was also one of the Best places to live in North America.

What has always puzzled and dismayed me is:  The seeming total blindness - absolute and  outright cruel  disregard- coming from supposedly worldly and educated - 'Leaders' such as yourself - when it comes to the non francophone ' community' s  PLIGHT and cries for help.   Being so educated - obviously intelligent enough to run some of our largest businesses  -  the ONLY conclusion one can possibly reach is that - you too - knowingly and deliberately support and promote - the ERASURE of an entire population OUT  of Quebec.   It is obviously  NOT for the good of Quebec - given its continued 'Bottom of the Barrel'  status  both financially and ethically - in the country - and its current UGLY reputation around the world.    So I have to ask - how on earth you can PRAISE  Quebec's  "Nation Status"?   The question is WHY.

Below is a copy of part of an ongoing Facebook dialogue, I sent, only this morning, to a young man - who asked why I wasn't posting in French.  It will give you at least a hint of the facts that one - NEVER sees printed - let alone discussed - from ANY of our supposed 'Leaders'  - who seemingly have  blindly - accepted and supported the righteousness (as if there could be such a thing to anyone with any sense of human decency, rights and morality) - of  Canada's and Quebec's  Factual Ethnic Cleansing - that will forever be etched as Canada's Greatest Shame - in future history books!  

Well Philip my dear. Here's something you may still not be AWARE of, even though I have written it countless times.
First and foremost - The freedom to ENROLL into the French School System - was DENIED to population Anglo/Allo BY the French Catholic Education Board - that RULED not only the French School System - but pretty much the essence of ... the Francophone population in Quebec.  My parents tried to have us EDUCATED in FRENCH - from the moment we landed in this province - back in 1954!!  We were NOT ALLOWED IN!! Therefore - because they were not rich - just poor immigrants - they could NOT Afford Private Schools and were forced to learn the French language in our schools and through our FRENCH FRIENDS. The French school system only opened to NON Francophones - AFTER the PQ took power!  Therefore: My French written grammatical skills are extremely limited to this day. And if you wonder WHY I didn't
take courses etc.... to perfect my skills in French - The first reason is: Although Free French courses are offered to
certain current immigrants settling in Quebec - they are STILL NOT offered to Anglo/Allos LIKE ME. We are FORCED pay for them - (although all new immigrants to Quebec have had access to them 'free of charge for  30+ years)  which of course ONCE Again - Denies us - ACCESS to perfecting our French; especially when you consider we have families to support and bills to pay. I of course, 25 years ago, sent my son to French school willingly - because I wanted him to be not only bilingual - but multi-lingual. He was one of the ONLY non Francophone children in the school and I was forced to REMOVE HIM from the French education system - in the 4th., grade - because he had endured constant bullying by both the children and more importantly the TEACHERS - because he was an ANGLO. It got so bad that he developed a
stutter that affected him - until his early 20's and had a profoundly painful effect on his life, as you can well imagine. AND YET - today he is FLUENT in French - although his French written skills although good - are not excellent. Experiences like that btw, were suffered by countless non Franco kids - forced into the French stream and are still happening to this day. (All the kids in our family are fluent in French - both living in Quebec and in Ontario - as are their kids.)

So, I hope you understand that we ALWAYS embraced the French language & its culture and the ONLY REASON we are not firmly entrenched in it - is because WE were NOT Allowed In!   Mind you - before the Language Laws - the
English community - were the ones who created the French immersion system - and did so willingly and with
enthusiasm. I know - because my niece was one of the FIRST students (pre-kindergarten) in it. Her daughter aged
11 - now living in Ontario - is also enrolled in the French stream and loves it.

WE 'les autres' WERE REJECTED by the Francophone community - and NOT the OTHER WAY AROUND as you and so many others have been falsely and deliberately taught. It is up to you to find out why - you were deceived. And up
to you - to ask for PROOF of the supposed Anglo SINS committed. Ask for places - names - times - etc... EX: Who - What - Where- When -Why... would be a great start. The answers and truth are there for you.

So - please note: I have no reason to make my quest or posts - based on a foundation of : 'Proving them (Language Law supporters) wrong". My quest and posts are to make sure the TRUTH is told. The TRUTH by the way - is something that EVERY QUEBECER & HUMAN BEING - DESERVE to know! Primarily because - ignorance of the facts and TRUTH - are what allows - discrimination and hatred toward ones fellow human beings to take root and to flourish! THAT and ONLY that is WHY I post. Having been born in Germany - and living the 'consequences' of THAT HORROR - is most probably what compels me to do ALL I can - to Speak Up and Out - Against ANY KIND of Ethnic Cleansing. There is NO RIGHT KIND - and NO  JUSTIFIABLE  REASON  EVER - to ERASE ANY SEGMENT of ANY SOCIETY.  NONE!!

Following this post - I invite you to read some of the TRUTHS you may have been denied - while growing up: 


I am going to be copying and pasting this email on the Liberal Federal Facebook Page - among others.
A reply would be very much appreciated.

Posted by DidiM at 3:06 PM

REPLY # 1  -  May 26, 2010  -  From Dan Veniez 

Dialogue with Dan Veniez - BC - Federal Liberal Candidate ,

Hi Didi:

Thanks so much for taking the time to write on a matter that obviously touches a deep and personal chord with you and many other Canadians.

Where to begin?

A good place, I think, is perhaps to direct you and your readers to the contents of my website at www.danveniez.ca. There you’ll find plenty of context for my support of Michael Ignatieff, some background on me, and a few speeches and blog posts that may put in perspective my profound convictions on national unity.

You made some reference to my tender age, and for that I am grateful! But some background on me and my family is in order, I think.

I was born and raised on the working class east island of Montreal. My father was a truck driver and my mother worked at the local Canadian International Paper sack plant as an hourly laborer. Both were lifelong union members and organizers. Dad grew up in St-Michel, a pretty rough section of Montreal. He is of Irish (my paternal grandmother, Margaret Thompson, was born in Belfast) and British (my grandfather, Walter, was born in Croydon, England). Neither of my grandparents spoke any French when they came to Canada, and until the day they died. My father learned the old-fashioned way: By fighting the French kids – literally - on the way to school and back. He was the only English kid in that neighborhood. He met and married my mother, Micheline Riopelle. Mama didn’t speak a word of English when she met my father. Her parents, Laurette and Solomon, hated the English. While my father’s father fought in WWI and lost his leg in the battle of Passchendaele, my Papere fled to the Laurentiens to avoid conscription. In fact, my mother’s parents and her sisters didn’t go to my parents wedding because she was marrying a moudit anglais.

My brothers and sister (we are four siblings) attended St-Charles, an English Catholic public elementary school in Pointe-aux-Trembles, then a suburb of Montreal. Our friends were primarily from English speaking families. My brothers and I lived the same experience my Dad did growing up. We had to be pretty good fighters. I was luckier than most because I played hockey and ended up being pretty good. Scoring goals that was the best and fastest way to gaining acceptance, and over time, trust and friendship. So too was learning and speaking the language, which we all did. we were lucky there, too. French immersion was playing with the neighborhood kids on the streets, not in a fancy classroom.

For the longest time, we didn’t feel at home in our own community. We felt like outsiders. I don’t have to tell you that is a terrible feeling. So, despite the fact that I was a kid – and perhaps because of it – I lived the pain and embarrassment feeling excluded, feeling different, feeling like we were somehow second class citizens. To paraphrase Bill Clinton when he was running for the presidency in 1992: Didi, I feel your pain!

I lived through many of the iconic moments of that period. I vividly recall for instance waving the Canadian flag as President Charles de Gaulle passed by our home in his motorcade on rue Notre Dame going to deliver that infamous speech on the steps of Montreal City Hall. I still see that image and remember thinking to myself: What a goofy hat he has on! Or going trick or treating with my older brother Peter and friend Timmy Martel during the middle of the October Crisis. No lights were on and no one – except us – dared go out that night. Or my father and mother bringing us to a rally one sunny fall afternoon to see this young guy speak to a huge crowd of mostly screaming girls. That was the first time I saw Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

And I indeed remember, because I know now that it was such a formative part of my experience, the language wars. We were scared. That is the only way to put it. Bill 22, enacted by the Liberal federalist provincial government of Robert Bourassa, was the first salvo. That was 1972. We felt the reverberations throughout the English speaking community. In our neck of the woods, it was a very small one. Our provincial constituency was Lafontaine. That is where the first member of the Parti Quebecois was first elected to the National Assembly. His name was Marcel Leger, one of the founders of the PQ, and it is no coincidence that he ran and won there. 

I was in high school when Rene Levesque and the PQ came to power in 1976. That event sent shock waves that were felt for years. We spoke the language, but we were an “English” family. All of us had gone to English schools and that was the language we spoke at home. With Mama, we spoke French, but together, the language was English. The economy tanked. Head offices were leaving and jobs going with it. within a few years, my father lost his job at Canadian Vickers, and the sack plant shut down and Mom lost her job. She was left with no pension and no benefits.

Friends and their families were leaving. My father’s brother and sister left for Ontario. We didn’t see our cousins until years later. My sister got a job in Toronto, where she still lives.

I was old enough to remember how Montreal was the cultural and economic capital of Canada. I remember the jobs that were lost, the pain and anxiety in our family and our small community, and the outright fear that we felt when the PQ came to power.

The high school I attended was the only English language school in the region. It was called ecole secondaire Napoleon Courtemache. It was an absolute dive, as English schools in that area were. Many years ago it was torn down. The closest high school was in St. Leonard, Roberto Luongo country.

My first ever vote was “NON”, in the 1980 referendum campaign, which paved the way for Prime Minister Trudeau’s repatriation campaign which eventually lead to the historic agreement to have our own Charter of Rights and Freedom’s, his most important and lasting legacy to Canada, in my humble judgment.     

My family was deeply impacted in many ways that I cannot begin to adequately convey. We weren’t alone. We felt like interlopers in our own city and province much of the time. Sometimes, we felt singularly targeted because we spoke English at home and went to English schools. I remember my father asking where all the leaders had gone to protect us from what he believed – with a lot of justification – was institutionalized discrimination at the hands of language “zealots”, as he called them.

So, I get it, Didi. And I know all too well what you felt and feel.

The Quebec economy suffered a prolonged and devastating decline. It still hasn’t recovered, and arguably, never will, in relative terms.

That was 40 years ago and much has changed. Quebec is today a more confident society. The insecurities and passions that drove Bill 22 and Bill 101 are very hard to find today. There is more bilingualism and more multiculturalism in today’s Quebec than I have ever seen.

During the constitutional wars that began in Victoria when Lester Pearson was prime minister, a show stopping “demand” from Quebec governments going back to Jean Lessage was that Quebec be recognized as a “distinct society” within Canada. Various attempts to reform and modernize the Constitutional Act failed before and since because there was no support for that concept. In 1992, Trudeau repatriated the constitution without Quebec’s signature. In fact, the National Assembly passed a unanimous motion against it. Meech Lake and Charlottetown fared no better. For different reasons, these stalemates ushered in the Reform Party and the Bloc Quebecois, the genesis of our “permanent” minority parliamentary impasse.

Today, Canadians are living with those consequences.

Frankly, I didn’t like – in fact, hated – the notion that Quebec, or anyone else for that matter, should be recognized as a “nation” within Canada. It took me a while to get my head around that idea. It was Michael Ignatieff who helped me understand what that meant in the contemporary context. I read it in his wonderful book, The Rights Revolution, which I strongly encourage you to take a look at.

“In a strong federation, all provinces should be equal, but all provinces are not the same. Each came to our federation with a particular history that must be recognized. Quebec in particular has a unique history: the only former French colony to join confederation with its own distinct language, legal system and religious institutions. It entered the federation on the strict understanding that its distinguishing features would receive special protection in the new federal government of Canada. Canadian unity ever since has depended on recognition of this understanding.

Quebecers, moreover, have come to understand themselves as a nation, with a language, history, culture and territory that marks them out as a separate people. Quebec is a civic nation, not an ethnic nation. It is composed of all the peoples from many lands who have come to Quebec and associate themselves with the values and traditions of Quebec and Canada. Quebec’s Charter of Rights—and its language laws—balance the rights of the majority, with equal rights for linguistic and other minorities.

More than 5000 nations are recognized as such in the world, but there are less than 200 states at the United Nations. It is normal, therefore, for nations to join with other peoples to share a state. The Scottish people consider themselves a nation, but regard Britain as their country. The Basques and Catalans regard their people as nations, but accept Spain as their country. So it is with Quebec. Quebecers, by considerable majorities, consider Quebec their nation and Canada their country.
To recognize Quebec—and Aboriginal peoples—as nations within the fabric of Canada is not to make some new concession. It is simply to acknowledge a fact. Nor is it a prelude to further devolution of powers. Quebec already possesses the authority it needs, in areas of health, education, immigration, manpower training, language and culture, to protect the identity of its people and to promote its economic and social development. Since the 1960’s, it has opted out of national programs, like the Canada
Pension Plan, while providing substitute programs that meet both its objectives and those of the federation. These negotiated rights to opt out should be respected, but equally Quebecers should have the right to opt in, to participate fully in pan-Canadian programs that expand their citizenship, increase their opportunities and improve their economic performance. This achieved balance—between provincial autonomy and national citizenship—already allows a clear majority of Quebecers to say, with pride, “Le Quebec est ma nation, le Canada est mon pays.”

I understand where you’re coming from and how you feel, Didi. But I sincerely believe that we have – and will continue to evolve in a way that respects and balances the rights of all Canadians. And I genuinely believe that with the right national leadership, our best days as a country are ahead of us. Fighting the painful wars of the past do no good. building together is what we must focus on. That’s what I am dedicated to doing as a person who is putting his money where his mouth is by standing for elected office for the first time in my life. I feel honored and privileged to be doing so. The country my kids are growing up in is a different one than the one you and I did. I want to work to make it stronger, better, and more united.

Sorry for the length of the message. Your note and observations are terribly important. Please feel free to contact me anytime, and please take a look at the website.

All the very best,


CBC Dying while its Executives Continue to Misuse Millions? Why?

May 18, 2010

Across the country Canadian Journalists are crying for help because CBC Executives seemingly refuse to stop their pattern of  destroying the 'Essence of CBC'  and all we hold dear.  It's a Nero fiddling while Rome burns - scenario that is only now becoming public knowledge - that has been kept secret from all of us.
The situation has become so desperate -  that a website has been created called:  FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting  http://www.friends.ca/About_Us/priorities

I'm posting one small section from their page - to give you an idea of what they're about - and ask you to go to this site to help stop this imo  rape of our CBC - by what's looking to look like 'Yahoos'  running CBC  right into the freaking ground!   Please take a minute to read this post to the end, it's important to us all.

A CBC Radio National News reporter The absence of public broadcasting values among CBC senior management is no
more evident than in its decisions concerning CBC Radio.
Consistent with its abandonment of classical culture, CBC’s senior  management appears determined to make CBC
Radio News more superficial, less intelligent and even more dominated by CBC TV News when it comes to internal
decision-making and resource allocation. Why is this happening?

One CBC National Radio News reporter offers this simple and cogent explanation that goes to the heart of the mindset of the current senior management at the CBC:

“TV makes money and radio costs money. The concept of public broadcasting is lost.”

This incisive comment emerges from a recently leaked internal survey of CBC National Radio News reporters, the
creative power behind some of CBC Radio’s most innovative and informative programs."
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I don't understand the above stupid CBC executive's quote  nor do I or anyone else understand the know the utter nonsense  CBC President, Hubert Lacroix  and his cronies are trying to sell the public - re:  lack of monies... budgets, new directions etc...

What I do know is:  If Mr. Lacroix and his 'executive team"  stop throwing absolutely unnecessary - multi, multi, hundreds?? of  millions of OUR dollars into the Quebec French Overabundant Media arena - and spend those monies  where they are supposed to be spent - there would be more than enough money to Keep OUR CBC Alive and Well!! 

There are too many highly questionable decisions  (that contradict CBC's  Mandate)  Mr. Lacroix has made and
continues to make, in spite of the public outcries of alarm and discontent!  Disturbing enough to have this writer ask
who Mr. Lacroix and his 'team' is working for - because it sure as hell doesn't seem to be the Canadian Public!

Let's start with his actions - vs - public speeches and writings  that totally contradict each other.

Why is he working vigorously to totally Erase (Cleanse) ALL  English Local Broadcasting in Montreal and Quebec  - whilst spending the MAJORITY of CBC's past and future budget on - growing  multiple French Stations - both TV  and Radio - in Quebec!!    And trust me - Quebec has MORE  than Enough French TV  and Radio Stations  already - while English Media has been decimated and is clinging by its bloody fingernails to survive! 

Nowhere in CBC's  (or the CRTC's) regulations and mandates is it written that CBC's top priority is to devote the majority of its energies and monies to  grow French Language  Presence in Quebec - where the population is of course the Majority!!  CBC's mandate is very, very clear - it is to Protect and build  - Minority (which in Quebec is ENGLISH)  Local Broadcasting TV/Radio  stations and presence  thoughout Canada!    Instead of respecting its mandate - CBC President Hubert Lacroix  - has done quite the opposite!!  Why?

The  100’s of millions ?? MONIES spent – notwithstanding the majority of its  Future $56 million budget - devoted to building even MORE French stations IN Quebec - that already has an more than enough media outlets-  is not only highly questionable - but in my opinion - highly suspect - as to Mr. Lacroix's  leadership abilities and motives.
When the Head of our ‘public owned’ Major Corporation  - is unable to  understand something as simple as, Minority and Majority  - and CBC's Mandate that he supposedly wrote himself -  only to IGNORE and Dismiss  that
mandate and responsibility -  and blithley spend  the Major Portion of those monies - in an Area that does NOT
need  or warrant it- whilst  Erasing  the locations  (English ones in Montreal and Quebec  that DESPERATELY need
it) then – WE must question  he and his management ‘teams’  - ability to think and process vital information, and of
course their qualifications - to manage Canada's most valuable and beloved broadcasting system.

What on earth is behind  their mind numbing 'motives'  and ‘decisions’  that lead and continue to result in  this absolute 'WASTE'   and  Misuse of  OUR money!!

Mr.  Lacroix  - to date - has  refused to respond to  ANY questions  regarding  these questions  - nor has our Heritage and Language Minister Mr. Moore who hired Mr. Lacroix on behalf of the Canadian People.
Another question:  How on earth has the CRTC  allowed this to happen?  What are they doing to  EARN  their VERY
substantial salaries???? 

I think it's high time -  WE  CLEAN HOUSE   at the  CBC  executive level  -  and at the ‘sleeping on the job’ CRTC  -
and  demand  Qualified Executives - whose  interests are to Save and Grow CBC  Radio  and TV  -   and more importantly -  executives who understand - they are accountable to the Canadian Public  -  and NOT  their Political  Bias!

Canadian Content - It Matters
See the entire article here:  Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:   http://www.friends.ca/node/9471#comment-55

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