CRTC and CBC's President Continue to Violate and Abuse Mandate??

April 12, 2012
I wrote this in 2010 on my site hoping  the CRTC Board and CBC President would come to their senses and do what their Mandate says they MUST do!    But nooooo   -  it's obvious these 'in my opinion'  MINORITY ABUSERS and Anti English outright discriminators - continue to refer to Montreal as a "Metropolis"  and therefore for some CRAZY Reason  -  is ineligible for English Programming Funding!!                                                             

CBC Dying while its Senor Execs Continue to Waste Millions??

 Across the country Canadian Journalists are crying for help because CBC Executives refuse to stop their pattern of destroying the 'Essence of CBC' and all we hold dear. It's a Nero fiddling while Rome burns - scenario that is only now becoming public knowledge and I believe - that has been kept secret from all of us. The situation has become so desperate - that a website has been created called: FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting:

I'm posting one small section from their page - to give you an idea of what they're about, and ask you to go to this site to help stop this imo rape of our CBC - by what's looking to look like 'Yahoos' running CBC right into the freaking ground! Please take a minute to read this post to the end, it's important to us all.

A CBC Radio National News reporter The absence of public broadcasting values among CBC senior management is no more evident than in its decisions concerning CBC Radio. Consistent with its abandonment of classical culture, CBC’s senior management appears determined to make CBC Radio News more superficial, less intelligent and even more dominated by CBC TV News when it comes to internal decision-making and resource allocation. Why is this happening?

One CBC National Radio News reporter offers this simple and cogent explanation that goes to the heart of the mindset of the current senior management at the CBC:

“TV makes money and radio costs money. The concept of public broadcasting is lost.”

This incisive comment emerges from a recently leaked internal survey of CBC National Radio News reporters, the creative power behind some of CBC Radio’s most innovative and informative programs."
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I don't understand the stupid, CBC executive's quote nor do I or anyone else I know, understand the utter nonsense CBC President, Hubert Lacroix and his cronies, are trying to sell the public - re: lack of monies... budgets, new directions etc...

What I do know is: when  Mr. Lacroix and his 'executive team" will stop throwing absolutely unnecessary -  multi, hundreds of millions of OUR English Minority Programming dollars into the Quebec French Over abundant Media arena - and spend those monies where they are supposed to be spent and as the,  "Law demands"?    Note, there would be more than enough money to Keep OUR CBC Alive and Well!! 

There are too many highly questionable decisions (that totally contradict CBC's  & the CRTC's Mandate) Mr. Lacroix has made and continues to make, in spite of the public outcries of alarm and discontent!  Disturbing enough to have this writer ask who Mr. Lacroix and his 'team' are actually working for - because it sure as hell isn't the Canadian Public!

Let's start with his actions - vs - public speeches and writings that totally contradict each other.

Why is he working vigorously to totally Erase (Cleanse) ALL English Local Broadcasting in Montreal and Quebec - whilst spending the MAJORITY of CBC's past and future budgets on growing multiple French Stations - both TV and Radio - in Quebec?   And trust me - Quebec has MORE than Enough French TV and Radio Stations already - while English Media has been totally erased, decimated and is clinging by its bloody fingernails to survive!   

Nowhere in CBC's (or the CRTC's) regulations and mandates is it written, that CBC's top priority is to devote the majority of its energies and monies to grow French Language Presence in Quebec - where the population is of course the Majority!!   CBC's mandate is very, very clear - it is to Protect and build - Minority (which in Quebec is ENGLISH) Local 
Broadcasting TV/Radio stations and presence thoughout Canada!  Instead of respecting its mandate - CBC President Hubert Lacroix - with the CRTC's  blessing,  has done quite the opposite!!  Why?

The 100’s of millions ?? of our MONIES spent – notwithstanding the majority of its Future $56 million budget - is again devoted to building even MORE French stations IN Quebec that I repeat, already has an more than enough media outlets- is not only highly questionable - but in my opinion - highly suspect - as are Mr. Lacroix's leadership abilities and motives.

When the Head of our ‘publicly owned’ Major Corporation - is unable to understand something as simple as, Minority and Majority - and CBC's Mandate - that he supposedly wrote himself - only to IGNORE and Dismiss that mandate and responsibility - and blithely spend the Major Portion of those monies - in an Area that does NOT need or warrant it- whilst Erasing the locations (English ones in Montreal and Quebec that DESPERATELY NEED it) then – WE must question he and his management ‘teams’ - ability to think and process vital information, and of course their qualifications - to manage Canada's most valuable and beloved broadcasting system.

What on earth is behind their mind numbing 'motives' and ‘decisions’ that lead and continue to result in this absolute 'WASTE' and Misuse of OUR money!!

Mr. Lacroix - to date - has refused to respond to ANY questions on this subject! 

Another question: How on earth has the CRTC allowed this to happen? What are they doing to EARN their VERY substantial salaries???? 

It's high time - WE CLEAN HOUSE at the CBC executive level - and at the, ‘sleeping on the job’ CRTC - and demand Qualified Executives - whose interests are to Save and Grow CBC Radio and TV - and more importantly - executives who understand - they are accountable to the Canadian Public - and NOT to their Political Bias and Anglo hating Quebec buddies!

Canadian Content - It Matters
See the entire article here: Friends of Canadian Broadcasting: 

Hemp Oil Cancer Cure - Suppressed - Why???

February 5, 2012
Canadian Rick Simpson Finds Cancer Cure And Is Being Punished For It!!

This is not going to be a lengthy article.  The Film link speaks much more eloquently than I ever can.  Just know our medical establishment and our politicians,  hired by us to work on,  'Our Behalf',  once again, have and are doing the exact opposite.   This 'opposite'  though is one that carries a devastating price of':  needless suffering and death.  

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Reply From Quebec Government. Part 2

October 9, 2011
Please note**  I've posted everything in its entirety.  You'll find 'My Reply'  following this one.
2011/10/6 <>        


You contacted us lately to express your dissatisfaction with the fact that not all the information on the websites of the Québec government is available in English.

Here are a few explanations.

The Québec government's departments and agencies are all subject to the application of the government policy regardi...
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