Rabble.ca is a relatively new on line paper that 'claims' to be the new source to get news others don't give you and stuff like that.  I found it a few days ago and thought WOW, what do you know... and online Canadian paper that tells the truth?   Boy, oh boy was I ever mistaken!!  I made the mistake of not noticing rabble.ca is promoted by the "Council of Canadians"  a very small clicky group that just sounds big.  It's a 'council of Canadians'  that very few Canadians know exist!  It's a group that 'declared themselves'  the 'Council of Canadians'  I got my first taste of -  God help you if you dare discuss anything outside their 'we'll tell you what you can say box'!   

I mistakenly assumed (I know, never assume, sigh) they'd be at the very least, interested in the ethnic cleansing going on in Quebec. Believe it or not most Canadians outside Quebec don't know the truth - (except the 600,000 who fled of course)  So I posted a copy of the article I wrote "Canada's Dirty Secret"  on their 'freedom spouting site".
Their response was -  I was not only warned (see last comment) - I was immediately blocked from the site altogether!! 

Remember when I mentioned in the article, that people who dared speak up being belittled and maligned etc?

Below is a sample of Rabble.ca's   stab at it.  ** Note**  I've saved the best for last.  That one is from Rabble.ca  Moderator - Maysie.
**Note 2**  I wonder if 'Maysie' is funded by the Conservatives, because the Federal Liberals certainly have not erased, nor denounced nor ridiculed...   many like postings on Liberal  Facebook pages including Mr. Ignatieff's ..  guess who's getting my vote :)

The following is from the comment section. I don't know if you can access it because Maysie has 'shut the page down!! Muzzling continues...  but here it is, just in case it's still up.  I've bolded the comments.    http://www.rabble.ca/babble/activism/canadas-dirty-little-secret#comment-1115593

Below are the 'comments'  Maysie allowed.  I guess she's panicked and wants it gone before any other 'truth tellers' find the article...

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February 20, 2010 - 6:58pm
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"incorrect and proud of it " indeed. What nonsense give me a break...

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"Wow. Is this a joke??"

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"Is it a full moon tonight? The calendar I have doesn't show the phases of the moon, and it is too cloudy to tell for
[sound effects: sounds of axe being ground]



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I'm closing this thread for all around doofusness, as well as being 30 years late. Sheesh.

Didi a first and last warning. Don't start threads like this again.

And there you have it.  Just another 'sample'  of how the media responds to letting the public learn the truth.  Can you believe this Maysie?  30 years late she says?  So what does that mean - let the ethnic cleansing continue? 

To:  Rabble.ca :   Rest assured I'll let as many as possible English Quebeckers know  where you stand on this issue.

In case you haven't read the article:  http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net/index/so-far-600-000-english-quebecers-forced-to-flee-canada-s-dirty-secret