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You contacted us lately to express your dissatisfaction with the fact that not all the information on the websites of the Québec government is available in English.

Here are a few explanations.

The Québec government's departments and agencies are all subject to the application of the government policy regarding the use and quality of French in the public administration [Politique gouvernementale relative à l’emploi et à la qualité de la langue française dans l’Administration]. In Québec, French is the official language.

Citizens may elect to be served in French or English. However, that is not a right, nor are the departments and agencies under any obligation to provide services in a language other than French, except in health and safety matters.

At Services Québec, we apply the government policy regarding the use and quality of     French in the public administration. Hence,

    •  our employees address the public in French, whether this be over the phone or in         person;

    •  if someone addresses an employee in English, in general, the employee is able to         respond in English, but neither a right nor an obligation is involved;

    •  a response in a language other than French or English is not provided for;

    •  employees are obliged to communicate in French with businesses established in     Québec, since French is the language of business in Québec.

However, we wish to inform you that Services Québec’s goal is to make available to Québec’s English-speaking population the full content of the Citizens section of the Québec government portal, which it is in charge of. The translation is under way, and seven of the most popular electronic guides are available in English.

    Thank you for your interest in our organization. 
    Steve Lambert B.A.A.
    Responsable organisationnel des plaintes
    Coordonnateur de services aux personnes handicapées
    Bureau de la qualité des services, Secrétariat général
    Services Québec
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    Téléphone: 418 646-9827
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Dear Steve,

Many thanks for your reply.  Please know,  I am very aware of the "Gouvernement de Quebec",  'Language Policy"   etc...

These  'Laws"  are "Public Laws - and were NOT enacted with the consent of the People Of Canada  - Nor were they enacted with the Required - full knowledge and full consent of the People of Quebeck.    The Quebeck "Legislators" =  decided on their own  -  to create and enact these  'Laws"  that clearly - very clearly - discriminate - against the 2.5 million English speaking population  and are therefore  - "Null & Void"  - not only according to our Constitution  -  they are "Null & Void"  according to the "International Human Rights Agreement"  - that both Canada - which includes Quebeck  -- signed:  And then Quebeck  Representatives of the people, signed - as a Province - again.

Look - I can easily go on about this for another 100 pages.     But you know as well as I do these  'loi's'  --  and in particular - the way they  are being  interpreted  - offend  and violate every human rights definition there is.   And have very little to do with:  "...the use and quality of French in the public administration.."      That definition  has been  SKEWED  into - meaning - the total Erasure of the English Language - its CULTURE - OUR SERVICES - our schools, our businesses - our media - especially our media - off the Quebec map.   ALL GROSS violations  abuses of  - our Charter(s)  and again - null & void  and frankly  have enacted  "ethnic cleansing as law" - (without the camps and ovens) .  Note**  No Politician - Political Party - has the right - to erase - amend - any law that removes ANY  Right or  FREEDOM  including the RIGHT TO Earn a Living in English or French.  Nor does any Politician or Party - have ANY RIGHT to unilaterally declare  Quebec a French Only Province  - and thereby   - ethnically cleansing  (as defined in the UN Human Rights Agreement & International Human Rights Agreement).   I repeated myself here - because -  the politicians of my/our Province - have done exactly that - deliberately and maliciously.  All illegal  - no matter who or how many 'Representatives of Our Province'  claim  are law.

Now - Given the Greater Montreal Area is the area the English Speaking Population lives  and has ALWAYS LIVED - and before these - grotesque language laws and subsequent laws/loi's   were illegally enacted - and AGAINST OUR WILL:   That have resulted in  the REMOVAL OF OUR SERVICES  - that  DO INCLUDE THE REMOVAL OF HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES IN ENGLISH in particular in cities like Greenfield Park - where the English speaking population is the MAJORITY - and yet - Charles LeMoyne Hospital  - not only has NO ENGLISH Signage- services - etc...   the emergency floor staff -  have consistently REFUSED to speak to --- or diagnose - patients in ENGLISH  & have reached the stage  - where they are  PLAYING MEDICAL RUSSIAN ROULETTE - with IN PARTICULAR - helpless English Patients - resulting in TOO MANY DEATHS TO COUNT!!   One of them - my cousin - another my brother in law  - that was 2 hours from dying  when we finally got him out of there and to the 'Trauma team at the Montreal General waiting for him:   I'll keep it short - because  there are at least 5 other horror stories to describe  from MY family alone.  But  have to let you, and everyone else I can reach,  know -  about the latest concentration camp style treatment  forced upon my 86 year old mother  - and barbaric events and mistreatment  my sister and I endured - because we are English  that if it happened to you -  would turn your head around backwards on your shoulders - and change your life - forever!!   That  Steve  -  IS  AN EXAMPLE - OF THE LIVING REALITY -  THE DAILY COMMON REALITY -  30 Year long,  of "Services - Health Services"  for  us - in the officially designated  Bilingual city of Greenfield Park  and I know that you ALL KNOW IT.  Please don't tell me to write  anyone and complain to Quebec's Human Rights Office etc...  because I have it on tape - f rom the Human Rights Office of Quebec - that THEY DO NOT ACCEPT  LANGUAGE DISCRIMINATION CASES  - if the complaint  is English Language discrimination.   The Only one  they will "Consider"  - would be - "If Your Mother DIED".   And "You should be happy she's alive  and no nurse has to speak to your mother or you - in English".    Forgive this paragraph's  CAPS  and emotion.   Although I'm sure you can relate - if you put yourself in my place and it was  Your Mother - it happened to.

Anyway - Given - The Greater Montreal Area - contributes  69%  of Our Provinces - Revenue  - FOR SERVICES WE NO LONGER GET  -  BUT PAY FOR AND HAVE PAID FOR FOR DECADES  - while 'Our Liberal Government continues to ERASE our ability to work - be it in French or English (take a look at how many Anglos  - you all work with  - how many is it Steve...  one - two  -- none?)    Our Liberal Government elected on  the Platform of  Equality  and Rights  FOR ALL QUEBECKERS -  and  instead  - have consistently enacted  - middle of the night - additional - laws  again designed to ERASE  our rights and services - devastating us even more than the PQ  did:  It's time for  the English population to GET OUR MONEY REFUNDED - because not one of us -  NOT ONE - elected Liberal Representatives  to  destroy our lives.  Nor did the Liberal Platform state  - our representatives  - would  or could - make any laws they/you want - whenever and/or however the mood changed amongst  the legislators - to change them!!   Again - I speak and write about subject matter - you all know very well, is  illegal and  grotesque.  Sorry - there's no like adjective I can think of at the moment to describe it.

Re:  Your "It's being translated..",   comment  - phrased as though you all are,  'Doing us - the English/Allos,  a FAVOR",  takes  ARROGANCE and CONTEMPT FOR US - to  an entirely new level - doesn't it, Mr. Lambert.    Notwithstanding  - the  40 year long --- It's Being Translated  --- QC Government page s  & public announcement  - bullshit - we've been forced to endure!!   Please stop it - all of you with cut and paste - "here's the law"   replies.   The "law"  in this context  "...IS AN ASS"....  and UNACCEPTABLE  and I repeat  ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL  and again we both/all  know it.

I would though - like you to send me the names of the Liberal Party Legislators  - who took part in amending - removing - enacting:  All "Laws"  that  concern  the English language - subject matter-  and the dates etc... of their enactment.    And finally:  I ask you to send me a detailed copy of  the  Representatives who  introduced  the bill for:  "In Quebec, French is the official language"...  that "Officially removed English as an Official Language" .    I'm of course speaking about -- the most recent ones  - enacted, introduced etc...  from 'Our Party Members.".    Given it was a real surprise to us. 

Oh an also:  Who - decided that "All Titles - Provincial Government Services Titles - Departments etc...  -  will NOT BE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH ANYMORE??   You know.... like "le gouvernement de Quebec"....  instead of,  The Government of Quebeck -  and  who was the Einstein - who demanded these  FRENCH ONLY Titles -  be applied to -- all English Language Radio & TV Ads  (That we PAY FOR - including The French ads of course)  ?    Another  - smack in the face to the Anglo/Allo population of course - from the people  - the individuals  - WE ELECTED to  protect  our rights.   So - who or what Department head or  marketing genius  - thought that one up?

I must say - if you want to win the hearts and minds and support  of the  2.5 million  (and don't claim otherwise - these are the true numbers and you all know that as well)   voters  that    Our Party depends on to give them a majority  -  well,  I suggest  that  person be removed from their position  - immediately.   Of course  if the objective  was and is to, TOTALLY  PISS US OFF - then it's  - job well done.

Please don't hesitate  to SHARE our correspondence,  Mr. Lambert  and I await your reply,

Didi Miesen  (and please forgive typos)  :)