Why on earth is  CNN’s, much publicized, ‘No bull - No bias’, more aptly described these days as:  “All bull, All bias” ?

Why is ABC running: slurred  and/or untrue portrayals of,  Canada's and England's UHC systems, that have us  stunned, with SHOCK & AWE, over the US  media’s, utter ignorance, about us, and our Health Care Systems !  

Open Letter to US Mainstream Media:

I was led to believe, American mainstream journalists were, well educated, certified professional reporters, and of course, well traveled enough to publish and air researched and FACT based information, about countries they report on!  Obviously I was very misinformed!

Therefore, given the misleading, lying,  fear mongering tripe,  almost every major news outlet is foisting upon the US public, would you;  Please explain, what it is, you do, when visiting other countries?  Do you hide in your hotel rooms to AVOID the locals or something? (It's the only reasonable assumption one can make, after being subjected to your non-stop, insulting bullshit filled reports! )

Newsflash: The vast majority of Canadians and the rest of the FREE world, consider the US  health care system, BARBARIC!

Newsflash: We are sick, tired and dismayed with the deliberate lies, slurs and fear mongering fiction, you write and air about us!! 

Did you : Forget - or not know,  OUR soldiers, are DYING, right alongside yours - in YOUR wars!!

Do you know: Canada, is your closest neighbor and biggest trading partner?

Do know: Canadians  believe, you value our longstanding friendship, as we do yours?

Do you know:  We are NOT communists or socialists? – Do you know: We enjoy MORE freedoms than you?  Including – full and absolute, free freedom of speech: and that we never feel threatened by opposing Political Party's that disagree? 

Do you know: We enjoy the freedom to choose our doctors, hospitals, treatments?

Do you know:  We treasure our seniors and take care of our sick and poor?    
Did you know:  That quite unlike the US - our care & treatments are UNLIMITED.

Did you know: Prior to the 20/20 piece.of trash, Stossel spouted,  I used to bitch about my $76.00  a month charge for meds?
Did you know that:  That's a typical example of  'complaints'  we spout about our system? 
Did you know:  After learning about your system, from this day forward, I’ll kiss the ground with gratitude, once a week and never, ever complain again?  My God, compared to your system, ours is, Heaven on Earth!

Newsflash For ALL:   ANY politician or party, that dared suggest, we trade our system for yours,  would be tossed out, on their ear so fast, they wouldn’t know what hit them!  And rest assured, the same holds true for ALL countries with UHC. 

Why pray tell:  Has it NEVER occurred to ANY of you – so called smart guys – to wonder, why we will never adopt the US healthcare system, and feature a story on it?  I mean, you must admit,  it's an interesting, newsworthy,  phenomenon!

Newsflash:  Most Canadians and Brits know how to SPELL, and how to write a comprehensible sentence and paragraph.   Quite unlike,  the torturous, nonstop,  Republican - mind numbing - incomprehensible - posts and chants, running wild all over the net, lately.
Tell me:  To be a Republican Party member,
Is illiteracy mandatory?  Is it mandatory, they vow - to become, cut & paste  experts;  whose sole purpose in life, is to vilify, threaten, insult, slur and lie about, non Republicans and anyone else that dares disagree? Do they take an oath, to become, robotic brain dead, ZOMBIES?  (for examples:  just cruise the net... it's awesome!)

And tell me: When did CNN & mainstream media opt to join the Republican & Insurance Industry fray? 
I strongly suggest, that from now on, US mainstream media, at the very least, do a little RESEARCH and air the Truth for a change!   Believe me - it would be refreshing as hell! 
Next suggestion:  To STOP insulting and pissing off  your closest Allies, by airing the bile filled idiocy – you currently pass off as, news!
Newsflash:  It is anything but!  It's FICTION!  And certainly not  ‘newsworthy’!

I suggest:  If you insist on keeping it up,  you may discover,  we’ll be happy to  take our:  "commie, socialist, ignorant"' CDN $$$ elsewhere!   Rest assured, we  have no interest in,  ‘foisting ourselves’ and our ‘commie' CDN $$,  on anyone!  Let alone a country whose media portrays us as: senior killing socialists, forced to live in, and forced to endure, some horrific - antiquated,  Gulag type, UHC environment. 

Of course, we’ll miss places like Florida, and be desperately sad and unhappy to see it sink.  But again – we have NO interest in outstaying our welcome.  And, it’ll be dreadful - having to watch you all, deal with your  NEW Chinese OWNERS - when they call in their debt!!  But hey – you leave us no choice.

Why do you, deliberately: NOT report, the KILLER medication costs, forced ONLY on Americans?
Why do you refuse to report truths like this:  I take 8 vials of  'life saving' US manufactured Enbril, a month.  My governments' price is: $1,600.00 (CDN) a month. MY cost is, $76.00 a month.-

Newsflash:  US citizens are charged: $1,500.00  PER VIAL !.
US Insurers pay - $815.00 (for a limited period).   US policy holders pay $685.00  PER VIAL!! (less depending on policy)
US citizens are charged: $12,000.00  a month for the SAME meds, that cost me and the rest of the world  $76.00 a month!  (Some may charge a bit more.. like $100.00)    Certainly NOT $12,000.00  a freakin month!  

How Dare YOU: Allow and promote the MERITS of this kind of (imo) CRIMINAL ACTIVITY?  Knowing full well, it is killing, maiming and destroying your fellow citizens lives?

Why on earth is the US MEDIA colluding with these  (imo) KILLERS?
You KNOW!:   Americans are being raped financially!  You KNOW, helpless children, mothers, fathers, sisters, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, grandmothers...  are tossed into the street, day after day, week after week, year after year..  left alone, hurt and sick and afraid!  Left alone to suffer and DIE!  Tossed away- like worthless trash!  And you DARE TO SAY NOTHING?

Don’t you care that, your fellow citizens are, DELIBERATELY DENIED lifesaving drugs and treatment - for recurring or chronic illness  because they had the nerve to go into remission!

Why aren't you running - non stop, outraged stories about that? 

Why aren't you OUTING,  The grotesque, Insurers and Pharmaceutical that put them there!

Believe me: This kind of SICK - horrific, behavior would NEVER be tolerated in any G8 country !! 

Next Newsflash:  Most Canadians (& the rest of the FREE WorldKNOW almost everything about your country!  We NOW KNOW - you know NOTHING about us
BTW - Not One Canadian, would dream of complaining about our, low income workers - seniors -  unemployed and/or welfare recipients using our 'hard earned money'  for health care!  We take PRIDE knowing, ALL Canadians are safe and secure and are NEVER  in danger of being homeless, or forced to live in Tent Cities or cardboard boxes - because they are sick!. 

What on earth has happened to the United States?  Did someone add - HEARTLESS - STUPID JUICE to the water system - or what?
Another Newsflash: We have the complete freedom to choose, our doctors and hospitals and treatments:  (Quite unlike most US policy holders)   And for your information; no one has to  wait for life saving or urgent surgery or tests!
Another Newsflash: MRI's and CT scans are given immediately when needed...That's why some of us wait!  By wait:  I got my CT scan in  7 days. It was non urgent !  It was to check my FREAKIN sinus's for infection!!   One week!  
Last Newsflash:
Did you know:  All working Canadians pay into the system on a percentage  of wage basis?   Ex: Average price for $100,000.00 a year, wage earner:  $200.00  a month!  (Low income & poor pay nothing!)

Again I ask:  Why is the US Media colluding with Republicans,  Insurers & Drug companies - knowing full well, by doing so, you, aid and abet in the needless suffering and PREVENTABLE DEATH of American Citizens?  Correct me if I'm wrong; but in doing so, is that not, illegal?  Shouldn't you  all be charged with,  murder in the first degree?

A Canadian
PS: Now go do some decent homework - learn some more - and  then run a REAL  'new story!!