Wow, the site's first six weeks have passed like lightening!  I'm so glad I didn't know how much work and time it takes to build a website!   But it's really coming along and my techie is coming over on Sunday - to fix my mistakes and make it easier for you to join up and comment.  Until then, there are 2 ways to comment...  To comment as a guest;  Go to the member page..  and it's easy from there.  To join up..  same thing .. but click on the member list..  and you can join with your google account.  No one sees either your google email or password..  because the join up is a google feature.    And if you want to comment on anything..  just click on the Titles  you want to access, and the comment feature is made available to you.  Update on techie:  she couldn't make it, sigh.
But you know what?  I think I'm at the stage where I can fix stuff myself...!  Just have to find the time.  Will tackle it tomorrow..  (July 9.)  ..  Am also going to tackle sizing my html's.  

I forgot to add this the other day: If you need techie help  Free ..  go to     He's got  a newsletter..  and he has to be one of the nicest guys ever!! 

I really want to thank you for your patience, kind words, and support as I've stumbled along.  I'm thrilled to say I  have learned a great deal and find myself eager to learn more.  (Not like a few weeks ago, when I was ready to give up. just goes to show even an old horse can learn new tricks :)....)

I've tried my best to put up some really cool links like..  the Go Green.. page...  the Graveyard link (I love em all..:)))   and I'm really into   for computers and electronic deals.

ROBOFORM  (bottom of pageis best free download ever!   You can upgrade..  but it's not necessary, and you'll never have to worry about a forgotten password again!  I really don't know how I lived without it. 

What I really want to grow..  with your help.... are the Opinion sections!!   They can range from  personal   to  news and everything in between.  

The   "Guy  & Gal Things" pages are being honed...  and you may think I'm sexist...  but think about it:  How many guys are into - the best non toxic cosmetics..  or bras... or  girly stuff?     For the ones who are...  hey knock yourself out... enjoy!!  Same goes for the gals that are into Automotive  and other guy stuff! 

Stick around and visit often... watch it grow... It may not be slick and commercial...  It's built for people who like to keep it REAL.