Yesterday I attended a Canada Day BBQ at my sister's house.  I consider my sister, our 'Martha Stewart', when it comes to hosting a really good 'Do" .  Her meals would the Queen want to move in, believe me!  (Quite unlike me, who gets lightheaded and queezy, at the mere mention of cooking!)   I have to mention my brother in law too, because he loves to cook and entertain as much as she does.  Everyone in my family loves to cook, thank God.  It's the only way I get to eat a decent meal!

Frankly, I wasn't going to attend this year, because I wanted to work on this site and figured I'd pass this time.  But then my sister  told me my mother had made her  famous potatoe salad - impossible to resist -so off I went;  thinking I'll eat and run.  Rude maybe, but hell she's my sister - she'll understand.

There are usually at least, 20 people at her,  "Whatever Day" celebrations.  This time, there were only 12 of us and the atmosphere was much more intimate than normal . 

I guess I should give you a bit of an overview of our family and friends.  I've lost count of how many we are in total.  We come in all stripes and colors.  From German to Phillipino to Italian, Swedish, Hungarian and everything else in between, including plently of Anglo Saxons: who because they were most often raised to wait until it was their turn to speak, are warned from the get go,  to interrupt if they want to get a word in!   It's really pretty much the only way you'll get yourself heard.  We're pretty 'ethnic'  and loud, and it's 'normal' to have at least,  10 different conversations going on at the same table, at the same time. 

Anyway, this time was different.  Just 12 of us.... and there were  3 new members in the mix.   So, I figured it'd be one of those polite, 'getting to know each other stage'  type dinners - and I'd planned my exit strategy pretty much from the get go - because I wasn't in the mood for the ...polite chatter and the getting to know you ambiance... we're forced to endure - until we feel safe enough to be ourselves.  I'm sure you know what I mean.

Boy was I in for a surprize!   Our 3 new members -  from the first moment we met - felt like absolute life long relatives or friends.  Talk about full of life - and being real!!!   Talk about feeling comfortable!!   It took around 5 minutes and we were laughing and joking and sharing stories - without  any hesitation or worry about what anyone would think!  They were wonderful!!

After dinner (which was outside) we went into the house..  and again I thought well, now I guess I'll go home - because surely the glow and ambiance would change.   But it, not only didn't change - it got even better!   Everyone was talking  to someone, a group of two here, a group of three there;  and yet there was an underlying current of connectedness keeping us aware of one another.. in a very lovely way.  

Before long,  a couple of us started to talk about healing.  The topic arose - because a week ago - some of us had attended a funeral service -  and after the service the minister had offered to do a healing on me because she saw a brace on my arthritic arm.  Because my emotions were in a tizzy  (it had been a funeral never to be forgotten - because whatever could go wrong did!!  That's a whole other story)   So, I said sure, why not.  I almost said - sure knock yourself out...  but this minister seemed to be a born again Christian...  and given I'd already shocked her enough with my non Christian eulogy - I tried to behave myself.

Anyway - back to the living room.  Our new friend asked if she could try a healing on me. (I'd told her about the funeral fiasco)  and I said, sure! - because believe it or not....  my arm felt better after the minister's healing..  so I thought - what the hell - even if it's psychological ..  if it works, I'll take it.   As my friend started to concentrate and asking me if I felt anything...  I told her I did...  but instead of  the heat  I felt the last time...  this time...  it felt more like a stinging sensation.    Then, just as we were really getting into it....  my son piped up  from across the room....  "What a pile of crap"...  You know it's all in your head don't you! "  He continued with..  "Holy shit...  it's like those ...snake worshipers ...  with their arms flaying up in the air...  chanting and swaying...  -  I believe Lord... Lord, I believe!!    My son considers himself  an athiest at the moment, and isn't into any of the, as he calls it.. "God bullshit" crap.  

A bit more background here:  I consider myself an agnostic...  even though I've been on some kind of a spiritual quest most of my adult life.    My new friend and her family are from India...  and her father was recognized as a holy man.  Two other friends there - are  Irish and French Catholic.   My mom...  had no religious training while growing up...  and believes ...  when you die - you're done.   My sister is really getting into ...  the finding your core...  or SELF...  thing. The rest, well I don't really know... even though they're family.  This was the first time...  the group had been small enough to get into it.

With my son's help, things quickly turned into a shouting match....  (ex:  me telling my son to shut the hell up for a minute...:))) ..)  but it was a good shouting match.. that always quickly stopped - when someone shouted ...  "Hey..  my turn to speak!".     We touched on all kinds of  subject matter...  including the 3 Judaic religions, Judism, Christianity and Islam...and got into some of the Eastern beliefs. 

Now, supposedly we all know - if you want to stay friends..  don't talk politics or religion.   We did both and more ...  big time!    It was the best day I'd had in decades!!  All of us agreed...  it was one of the nicest get togethers'  ever!    No one converted anyone  - nor did we try to.  We just shared our points of view and listened.. really listened and seemed to really hear, one another.   Though had someone been taping us ...  they probably would have sworn ... no one listened to anyone.   But that was the wonder of it all.  We all knew in our souls... we heard each other.  The energy in the room was quite unlike the 'norm'.  It was deep.  It was different.  It was almost soothing, in a very strange way.  It felt really, really good and right.

So, is that what God is?  Was God in the room?    Did God say, "Hi" ?  We didn't explore it.  We ran out of time.  But I do remember asking at one point...  If God created us...  and the universe..  and everything...  Who or What created God?
Any Ideas out there?