I've lost count of Michael Jackson's  supposed "Big Time - well known Friends"  that have been bemoaning his demise all over the airwaves and prime time networks. Geez, even the President sang his praises!!   They tell us what a wonderful, loyal and giving friend he was.  They talk about his genius.  They praise his character.  They weep as they recount their lifelong history with him and how devastated they are over losing one of their finest friends!  

So tell me.  Where the hell were all these supposed  'Friends''  when he went to trial?  How come no one saw them or heard them speak on his behalf?  Why weren't they in court with him to show their support?  Why weren't they all over the Larry King Show, defending him then?  Why were they hiding away in some closet keeping mum?   The only stars I remember defending him were Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli.  And the only other one that I see absolutely grief stricken over his loss is Niko Brando. 

Friends, true FRIENDS are there when the chips are down;  when it's NOT politically correct to stand by your friends side.  That's a friend.    The ones that are there when it's safe..... are users and losers.