Written after listening to Fraser's 'Anglo's beat up Franco - show today.

Are you, sick and tired of CJAD's - Kim Fraser and her mind numbing mantra of:  "After all - French is the language of the majority"  snarky  response to CJAD callers?

AND:  Her immediate NEGATION  and utter dismissals of callers, who DARE speak the TRUTH  and/or God forbid - disagree with her?

Are you sick & tired with how: She cuts OFF anyone and everyone  who doesn't,  fawn & 'boot-step' to her personal 'distorted version' of Quebecois history?  And what seems to be, her mind numbing ignorance of the TRUE HISTORY of  Quebeck and the erasure of English as an Official language in Quebec?

And how she, implies English callers - don't know what they're talking about?  And blithely ignores the existence and history of the 'other' (les autres) founding people of Quebeck and that they too have been in Quebec for 400 years  - with English also being an 'Official Language' until it was illegally erased?  And she never, ever acknowledges the more than, 2 million English speaking Quebeckers who happen to be and always have been the majority population of greater Montreal!  Nope: meaningless to Madame "I know better"  Kim Fraser!

Note** she isn't from Quebec - didn't grow up in Montreal,  arrived in our fair city, with her hubby, from Ontario 20 years ago,  to help 'Save the French language'! 

It's obvious to this writer, she's not into, the practice and principles of the,  "journalistic oath" (the Concordia journalism degree, she reminds us, she earned, at least once a week!). You know, the oath  that promises to research and question all sources - asking, the: who, what, when, where & why questions - to determine the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Do you agree: It's  high time she end, her CJAD 'uber long Anti Anglo rights- audition'  formally apply for a talk spot, that better suits her preferred 'target market'?   I bet there's at least 1 or 2 or 5, anti Anglo   radio stations - that'd be more than happy to have her.  Maybe she could call it, ' Kim Fraser's 'Ditz the Anglo' talk show!!

Mind you, it'd have to be a French station - because all the other - English talk stations & newspapers - have been cleansed out of Montreal. It's not like the pre language law days - where English media was alive and well.   I bet she's clueless  about the richness and freedoms of  pre language law Quebec/Quebeck.  She didn't live here.  Here's a hint Kim:  Quebec used to be the richest and most admired Province in the country.  Now it's the poorest and most avoided.

Or - has CJAD changed its venue and is no longer 'our'  English radio station.  You know the one that believed in talking 'truth'?  God forbid, do you think that's why they insist on 'foisting her upon us'? Given the (no response) & deafening silence from station management - over countless listener complaints - it's the only conclusion one can reach - no?

Feel free to send a copy of your feedback to CJAD's new manager: Chris Bury:  cbury@radio.astral.com    

Who knows - maybe you'll be the one who wins what must be the stations secret, "Get a Reply"  contest!