Why don't we fire the UN?  I know I went on about it a bit before,  but really...  what are they good for?  Iran, the latest country whose citizens are being subjected to killings, news blocks, horrific discrimination against women (did you know they changed the law so that a girl as young as 9 can marry?  And they encourage poligamy?  Not to mention what they've forced  Iranian women to endure, like being stoned for being raped, for God's sake!!  Come on!!  Fire the UN!!

There they sit in their ivory tower, our supposed leaders of the world - doing NOTHING!! What the hell do they mean when they say they don't want to interfere in a soverign country's business?  Isn't that the mandate of the UN?   To interfere  BIG TIME when dictatorships form and the rights and freedoms of a country's citizens are taken away?

Every country is soverign!   That means bugger all!  When millions of people (or even ONE PERSON)  are murdered and/or ethnically cleansed into refugee camps;  by the government or ANY country -  it is illegal and MUST be stopped!

The UN has done nothing, other than send in relief teams to refugee camps.  That is NOT thier mandate!   Their mandate was to TOPPLE  leaders like Hitler.  They've had 60 years to do anything, something that resembles their mandate.  And still nothing.  Close them up - right now - today, I say!  More later...