Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty in the US?   All it takes these days to convict someone is to make sure the media gets a hold of charges being laid against someone and a conviction is almost a guarantee!

Look at how the 'Justice System'  works these days.  Some poor soul has the misfortune fall into a 'someone of interest' category....  and if or when the media gets wind of a story they can use to create all kinds of hype... that person's goose is cooked!   What follows is the destruction of a persons life and reputation.  As soon as there is a hint of a connection to a crime;  be they a neighbour or whatever innocent reason they may be on the list;  they have to set about proving their innocence! 

And if by chance there is pressure to find the culprit...  and someone is arrested and brought to court;  well their goose is really cooked.   They're paraded into a courtroom in the, ugliest and  brightest orange jump suit they could create; hands and feet bound with chains - looking of course - guilty as hell!    So before a word is said, the jury  or judge  has already been subliminally conditioned to see them as a convict.   And if the media has grabbed hold of the story - they promote the 'orange chained convict look'  non stop, with screaming headlines of " So and so charged with....!!!!.."   until most viewers - pretty much assume they must have caught the 'felon' red handed... and/or a hang em, mentality takes root re: public opinion to convict the rat! 

Why is anything made public if anyone is under suspicion or charged with anything?  Shouldn't that be withheld from everyone - unless or until the person has been PROVEN beyond a resonable doubt to be guilty?