The other day a group of us were shooting the breeze, and I mentioned my little blog about Michael Jackson's so called 'Friends', that have come crawling out of the woodwork since he died, bemoaning their loss.  I expressed my disgust over these 'Good Time Charlies',  and to my great surprise,  3 or 4 in the group wholeheartedly disagreed with me!  They said, Jackson's friends disassociated from him - while he was on trial because, it would have meant - their images may have become sullied and that would have hurt them professionally.   I maintain - a friend - is someone who is there in the bad times.  After all, everybody loves you when you're up...  but a friend is there when you're down and defends you when others attack!   They stand by your side, because they know you believe in you.

Now I'm not saying that if I go out and rob a bank or hurt someone, that I expect my friends to defend that.  But if I am being accused of something I didn't do - and I'm vehement in my denial;  I do expect my friend(s) to stand by my side and help me through the tough times.

So what do you think?  Is that asking too much of a friend?  Or is that what the measure of a friend is?