To say I was stunned and appalled, after watching 20/20 last night - would be the understatement of the decade!  John Stossel's piece on Universal Health Care can only be described as a deliberate, planned, misleading lie! 

I've included a copy of the comment I wrote to 20/20  and ABC this morning, (below the link).  And if you'd like to you to read the the TRUTH about Universal Health Care, and people's overwhelming, objections and disgust, with  Stossel's pathetic piece of garbage, he dares call journalism, I urge you all to take a look at:

"I'm also a Canadian who was totally appalled - with John's deliberately skewed, report on Universal Health Care!
Ask  ANY Canadian if they would trade our health care system for what is offered in the US, and the answer would be a resounding NO.
As a matter of FACT  - the one service Canadians treasure the MOST - is our HEALTH CARE system.  The reason I say the piece John did was deliberate...  was because - there was not one interview from any Canadian who appreciated our system.  When in FACT  - I repeat - if any politician or party dared try to remove our health care system - they'd be out of office so fast they wouldn't know what hit them!
I too, like the other Canadians,  who wrote here...  have been a viewer - not only of 20/20  - but also ABC  for decades. I always - assumed -  20/20  was one of the few news streams one could still trust.  I was obviously WRONG.
How dare you deliberately LIE to the American public..  to frighten them into - not accepting Universal health Care!   You would rather continue to see American citizens  -  lose their homes - and DIE - because they can't afford the treatment they need.
I will NEVER tune into ABC  again...  and an copying this article - for your sponsors..  to let them know - why I cannot support sponsors - who condone...a deliberate attempt to MISLEAD the population.  I felt sick watching this..  horrific.. piece of mis -news..   How dare you!!"